N-N-1 again/ The 200th!

This is my 200th post, guys! Whoa, I really did write all that?


It was N-N-1 time again, and Norm was hosting it. He asked us to send in a picture that we clicked on Saturday, Oct 8th at 2 pm. By a fabulous stroke of luck, a wonderful story and picture fell into my lap! It’s a wonderful story of love, hopes, dreams, life and happiness. And the makings of a bridechilla.



We wondered about them when they had accidentally ‘disappeared’ during the Halloween party. We were almost sure when we saw them bonding in the research lab. We had called them out during the Christmas Secret Santa party when they both went to the room ‘tired’. K5 and I had ended up as neighbors in my last year at SDSU and CT was there a lot! It all became superbly clear after he moved in. Chadillac Thrills thought he was being sneaky! Haah! After 5 glorious years of friendship, love, game nights, Grad school, traveling, pizzas and boba tea, parties, camping, hiking, they are getting ready to spend their lives together, officially as a married couple. The anticipated engagement did not happen during their Europe trip, although there is an adorable picture under the Eiffel Tower tagged #didnotpropose. But it happened in true Chadillac style, calmly and sneaky-ly, where they started playing Sunday night games and there was the diamond in the Lego sets. I am glad to have witnessed the making of this amazing couple, right from the inception of their relationship. I am even happier that they consider me close enough to be a part of this beautiful journey. Last Saturday afternoon, at David’s Bridal, I helped K5 try on different shades of white, as she took on her role of a bride-to-be. There were tulle and organza, sweetheart necklines and mesh capes. There were pearls, lace and sequins. There were Zac Posens and Vera Wangs.
And, so it begins…

PS : Please pray that I can RSVP “Princess Butter + 1” for this August 2017 wedding…


Rest of the pictures and stories are linked below. Head over to Norm’s blog from here!

Classical Gasbag

It has been about three months since the last N-N-1. Rather that let it fade in to a mere memory we’re doing it again. One of the things that I love about N-N-1 is how people from different parts of the world connect electronically to share brief moments of their life. We see differences and recognize similarities. To me, it shows once again that while there are billions of people in the world, humanity is a singular noun.

The first participant is Pins n Ashes.


I was at one of my favourite restaurants, lunching with friends enjoying one of my favourite meals. Poori masala as we call it.

Next is Her Royal Highness Princess Butter with a picture and story dear to hearts of many Princesses. Oh, and thanks to the Princess we now call this process N-N-1 rather than just sticking in numbers that change with the number…

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The case of the lost shoes.

Let me start this off by saying I hate my feet. They aren’t particularly ugly or anything, in fact they look positively cute with fuschia nailpolish on my toes. But I hate how delicate my feet are. Shoe shopping is a nightmare. I not only have to make sure that shoes are comfortable, because, thanks bunions, but that they are actually available in my size, because, thanks tiny feet. So, it all boils down to my hating buying new shoes. I needed new shoes for my Turkey trip last year because I wanted to wear cute clothes and I definitely did not want the look to be ruined by ugly running/walking shoes. I had bought these Skechers Bobs after hours(weeks) of consideration(painstaking research at work). Moo had a pair and she had told me how comfortable they were. They looked casual, sneaker-ish and would have gone well with casual dresses, shorts and jeans as well. They weren’t outrageous in cost but were more expensive than what my other casual shoes cost. That was a sacrifice I was ready to make once I tried on the shoes at a Skecher’s outlet. The memory foam felt like a cloud and I knew I had to buy them! Except, the smallest size in my store was still big for my feet, and we ordered it online right at the store. The shoes truly were amazing and my feet were thankful for them after the trip. The shoes have seen a lot of Fridays at work and even more casual hang outs where walking was involved. I even had these adorable Gap no-show socks to go with them! Red and cream, and pink and silver. How cute!

So, I was going down to San Diego on Friday night to attend the Balboa Diwali night festival and meet Abhi’s parents because I ended up missing them on their LA day trip while taking care of other commitments. I got back home after work and working out, took a quick shower, and started packing. Then I remembered that Nish mentioned about a trip to San Diego State was in the offing, since Abhi and I both had attended school there. I thought of my Skechers but decided to keep my Keds(thanks SA!) instead. For the shoes, I opened my sock drawer to look for my socks. I picked out the pink and silver, and I noticed, there was no hint of the red and cream. I panicked. Not just for the socks, but because I hate losing stuff. I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find the socks. Then, a sudden dread filled me and I wondered if the socks were in my shoes, tucked away happily and lazily. This exercise resulted in a thorough search of my home, only to figure out that the shoes were now missing! If you thought I was disturbed earlier, you should have seen my state then. 

I managed to calm myself by assuring myself that they must be at Abhi’s. So as soon as I reached, I went to their shoe rack, and looked for my shoes. Nope. Abhi said they weren’t there. Nisha suggested that I could have left them at Del Coronado when I stayed over there. They may as well have been stolen by a raccoon then. As good as gone.

By this time, I had put on my Nancy Drew hat and had my Famous Five notepad in hand. I got through the weekend with the case of the lost shoes burning a hole in my head. Meanwhile, a new possibility crept up. I may have slipped them off quickly in a rush to get to my yoga class in my flip flops and I could have left them at LA Fitness. So I got through Monday with a renewed vigor and headed down to the gym. But alas! There were no shoes in the lost and found. There were sandals, yes. But shoes, no. I got through my workout with a determination that I was going to call up the hotel and have them find my shoes from the suites we had. At that point, I did not care how utterly stupid I was going to sound. I just wanted my beloved shoes back. I contemplated even calling up my MOM! My plan was to make her look around on FaceTime. Mothers can find anything.

After my workout, I headed out to the grocery store for my weekly groceries. After I had parked, I had this bulb go off in my brain. What if I had simply peeled off my shoes in the car, worn my flip flops and run to the gym? So I opened my passenger doors, rolled out on the back seat and started digging under the seats. But, nothing. I did find a hair tie, and some change. And a straw. I sighed and looked around. There was a plastic bag in the mesh behind the front passenger seat. I thought I may as well trash it with the other junk. I pulled it out, and screamed with joy, loud enough to scare the 3 Indian kids few cars down! My shoes! There they were with the socks tucked in nicely in them! Oh, my grey trusty Bobs, with my red and cream socks! My travel companion, my feet nuzzlers, my personal tufts of clouds! My dread was gone. My worry about ordering another tiny pair was gone. I saved some $$. I heaved a sigh of relief, and went down my merry way to buy myself some food.

Now if only, that ‘lost’ bunch of 1000 bucks shows up…. 😀