2017 it is!

So how was my 2016? Pretty much like any other year, partly eventful, mostly fun, and with enough rained out moods and gloomy days. 

The best thing to happen was my folks staying with me for 5 months. It was their first trip to the US. There was a lot of happiness, but also enough drama and tears for you to cancel your subscription to Hindi prime-time soaps. The fights between me and my mom are melodramatic to say the least. They also mostly seem ridiculous in hindsight. I am trying extra hard to be nice specially because they are going to come here again in summer. I don’t want a repeat of the ridiculousness as last time. I think this time would be more chilled out too. We have less long distance travel since they finished most of the touristy stuff last time. We will cover more local areas and activities. We still feel incomplete without Moony, who is in doggie heaven, and he is always missed.

The middle of the year and September also brought back an important entity in my life. I started talking to the xBF again. We always were friends and it is nice to see that spark being back. There are momentary relapses, but mostly we are on track to nothingness. Yay for that?

This year was also the year that ‘yours truly’ got set up for phone and text dates with prospects. Hello, online dating and arranged marriage scenarios! Someone from Michigan came to meet and hangout to see if there was any possibility. I have ended up being very good friends with his friends and hanging out with them for happy hours, even though that dude is out of picture. There was nothing wrong with him, just that Cali is way too far from MI, among other things. Then there was another awesome sauce dude who seemed like the master of hypothetical questions. His questions and talks were so whimsical that I found myself depressed for the next two days. I pulled myself out of it and prayed for the girl who may end up with him. Then there were others, who are already married, judging by their whatsapp display pics. See, I told you I am a good luck charm!

Babies entered my life in 2016, left, right and center and they are very loved by Auntie PB. They made me realize that I am not hated by their fraternity, and also, that I still prefer puppies. 😀 My plans of adopting a pupper are being steamrolled by the Mothership, and her reasons are valid and annoying at the same time. But that doesn’t stop me from browsing adoption websites. Meanwhile I am doggie-sitting other’s pets and spoiling them to the core.

I had quite an active social life with a lot of exciting events and trips planted in my memory. I got yelled at by a few buddies for meeting them after years(since graduation). I had a lot of very memorable fun weekends. I flew cross country to meet my bestie Hazra who’s wedding I will be missing out in January. It was his first trip to the US through work, and we made it quite fun. I was glad I could drive him around and show him some glimpses of America. I had a mini re-union with old friends and our fun little trio got together and had a blast. I celebrated all American holidays with Shawn n Alicia as their adopted family member and even had a set of gifts from Santa under the Christmas Tree! There was a lot of new thrown in as well, when I met some of my blogger buddies. January through December, I met some of my favorite writers and I am looking forward to our next hangout session and meeting more new people already!

I took chances this year, and made quite a fool of myself. I got rejected as well when I told someone that I was crushing on ‘em. Atleast I was braver than him, because every friggin’ sign from him pointed to a two-way traffic between us. Ah well. In this situation, trust me when I say this, his loss. 😉

I have been going through trying times, and phases of depression. Sometimes I am simply sad, and sometimes ‘need to rip off my skin’ upset. I went through some frustration(still going on) at work. In my personal life, I am trying not to feel abandoned and lonely. But I try to keep these thoughts away. I don’t want to feel clouded and lose sight of my life and it’s potential. To anyone feeling low, make sure you knew that you are capable of much more than what this darkness offers. Just a tiny turn may help you put your life back on track. Nothing, and absolutely nothing will help, unless you help yourself.

So, I bid adieu to 2016, dancing for 4 hours straight, right under the Empire State in New York. This was the first time I have clubbed out on New Year’s Eve as a drinking-age adult(but I barely drank!) and it was a blast!

After the kid-sized roller coaster that 2016 was, let’s see how 2017 shapes up. The bet’s on it being ditto, but I will give you excellent odds on PB’s major life events(0.5% chance!).

Happy new year, y’all!!


17 thoughts on “2017 it is!

  1. Lovely post and here’s to taking chances, getting out of your comfort zone, meeting people, leaving people, eating new things, drinking funny beers and enjoying life just in general!
    Hope to meet you again soon. Real soon 🙂

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  2. Wow! Sounds like such an eventful year! It is also the year that I discovered your real fun blog. So yay to that. I’m super impressed that you told a guy you had a crush on him. I’m all for that. And yes, totally believe it’s his loss. I’m glad you had a great start to the new year. I look forward to 2017!! Happy new year.


  3. You’ve had quite an eventful year with your folks around, meeting favorite authors, exciting experiences with the prospects and of course partying your way from 2016 to 2017.
    Tight hugs to you for your determination to beat depression and emerge like the sun from behind dark clouds.
    May your 2017 prove to be an amazing, memorable, adventurous, cheerful year in ways you’d love to cherish forever!


  4. A very eventful year I must say. The whole arranged marriage thing is funny, ridiculous and tiring. I am lucky I ended up falling in love and getting married to the second dude I met. Have a fantastic 2017 PB.


  5. Happy new year, you were in empire? I was near time square for new year too. You have beautifully summarized 2016 events. I must say, you are making most out of you being single versus many single friends that i know, that is including myself when i was single. Enjoy your life and you’ve very interesting stories to tell, travelling you do, friends you have and all the lovely experiences under your belt. Happy new year PB. As always, I enjoy reading your blog posts.


  6. Happy New Year PB! An eventful year that was for you and seems that you never had a boring moment. Wishing a you a year filled with romance, dating, chocolates and loads of fun, money, health and whatever you wish for:)


  7. What is happening to me this year (2017):

    – new/current job at a warehouse/distribution center
    – new/current blog with WordPress
    – more/new clip art packages to sell on my TpT webstore
    – new/current residence in North Carolina
    – new and old relationships
    – helping others
    – more money to earn


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