Actions and pro-actions

Of course I have 800 issues with the world and it’s people. Also, these days 800 seems to be my favorite number to describe anything. What annoys me the most is when people do not act on issues they are already aware of, and are completely sure about future problems arising out of those. In my humble(not so much) opinion, I am quite pro-active and take care of most of the things in a timely manner, unless it involves long term life decisions. Then, my head is firmly buried in the sand.

For the uninitiated and my readers from outside India, I belong to the state of Maharashtra from India and we are called Maharashtrian or Marathi. There are a LOT of communities in India and almost all have different cultures unique to them. Weddings in different communities also involve unique rituals and customs. There is a ritual in Marathi weddings where the groom’s mother sits in between the couple and holds out a mirror where they see a reflection of the trio. And then after that(or before, not entirely sure) she will use a comb to lightly do the bride’s hair(lightly because she doesn’t want the bride to flip out by ruining the elaborate and expensive hairstyle). Every Marathi wedding has these rituals and everyone knows what’s coming. Yet, the mirror and the comb are the last things to be bought during wedding preparations, almost as an afterthought. Due to that, they get the ugliest comb and mirror, from roadside vendors, that are made out of cheap plastic in garish colors like bright pink, green, yellow, brown. Aaargggh! Way to ruin the pictures! If I ever get married, an intricately made comb and mirror is going to be a part of the first set of purchase!

I get uncomfortable with indecisive and weak willed people with respect to food. My first issue is their lack of will power which extends across their personality rather than their food habits, but for the sake of the topic, I will restrict myself to diets. I was talking to a friend the other day and he commented that he went on a diet to bring his cholesterol in control and reduce weight. Then he told me how he was out of groceries since a couple of days, and had to eat $0.49 Ramen for lunch and dinner. My question was why would he not go and replenish his refrigerator and pantry on time when he knew he was going to be on a diet. Why react when he could have pro-acted on the choice he had made? He knew his food chart, and his plan. I got further annoyed when he said that he did get groceries, but not enough, because he thought he will go back within the next couple of days to the store. Sheesh! And we are talking about a guy who rarely goes to the grocery store more than once a month and then eats a bag of Lays for dinner. Everyone goes through lazy grocery days, but when it is a habit, there is a problem.

Airports are stressful, intimidating(with the TSA and all that) and a place where you have to be on top of your time! When I get into the line for security, I start checking my pockets and put the phone in my handbag. Next, I take my belt off and put it in the handbag as well. I try wearing slide-off shoes like Toms or Bobs to get in and out of them quickly. If I am wearing boots, I unzip them in the line, ready to take them off right away. And then, when I am almost at the security conveyor belt, I am usually stuck behind someone who has shoes with elaborate fasteners, a jacket with more buttons than my entire wardrobe put together, enough necklaces to put 2 Chainz to shame, and to annoy me further, bracelets, bangles and watches. Then at the body check area, they will go “Whoops! My phone!” Enough said!

There are so many, many more things that bother me, but I don’t want to elaborate anymore because I want y’all to think of me as a pink unicorn who walks in a cloud of lavender. But the gist is, if there is something you know that HAS to be done, PLAN AHEAD! You may be totally chilled out, but my blood pressure is at stake(for no reason). And in a teeny, tiny way, it may prove useful to you too. 

9 thoughts on “Actions and pro-actions

  1. My comment might be issue #801 😉 but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 🙂 I also had commented on your previous post but it got lost – when and where and how? I have no idea! 😦


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