Zip it up


“Dont let her talk in the meetings, She talks too much.” “Muzzle her.” “Or shut her in a room. Hahahaha”

“I bet she is dyslexic.” ” I wont be surprised. Haha.”

“You are so gay.”

“You should get married. Women should get maaried early. It is better for their bodies.”

“Women are too sensitive these days.”

“Be a man, grow some b*lls.”

“Haha you are a bald, short guy. Haha.”

“*Snatching and speaking into a friend’s phone, to his GF* You should come back soon! He is starting to h*mp my leg now after the tables.”

“He was running like a girl.”

“So whiny, turning into a woman.”
“Women are suitable for phone jobs because their voices are inviting.”

“You look hot. I would do you.”

Gentlemen and Ladies,

I have heard most of these personally, around me. This goes beyond gender, age and status. It is 2017. We are well into the 21st century where we don’t even need to prove the need for equality. So lets break the good old boys thing and the ‘boys will be boys’ excuse and let’s learn to be respectable and decent human beings. Don’t let the Bill O’Reillys of the world win. Let’s move past the standard ‘shove it under the carpet till the world notices the stench’ and be proactive. 

So putting this politely, let’s grow some spines.

6 thoughts on “Zip it up

  1. Such personal attacks go way beyond gender bias and discrimination at so many levels. I too have heard most these spoken aloud and it was nothing short of disturbing even when I wasn’t the person being targeted.
    Oh yes! It’s high time we changed our ways and the excuses too.


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