Yes, I am vegetarian…

1. No, I don’t care if you eat Beef/Pork in front of me. 

2. Yes, I do eat eggs. Yes, I do feel conflicted.

3. I do consume dairy. I am not vegan. Yet.

4. Even though I like salads once in a while, salad bars are not my ideal places to eat at.

5. I do get things outside to eat. Even at steak houses. Heard of Mac-N-Cheese? Karl Strauss has the best one I have ever had.

6. No, I don’t care if we are all going to a meat spot to have a good time. I will drink and make merry. Except, Korean BBQ. Nope.

7. My health is fine, thank you very much.

8. I have all the protein I want.

9. I don’t just put fake meat in all my food.

10. India is not 100% vegetarian. In fact,60% are meat eaters.

11. Again, not all Hindus are vegetarians.

12. I don’t ask you 10 questions about your food, so I can expect the same, hopefully.

13. I CAN live without meat. I promise you I am not a zombie.

14. Yes, this food that I am eating right now is vegetarian. You KNOW I am vegetarian.

15. If you sneak meat in my food for shitzengiggles, I WILL pull a Ramsay Bolton on you.

Every. Single. Day. 

17 thoughts on “Yes, I am vegetarian…

  1. Thank God! You finally posted. I was waiting and waiting and waiting. Feels sooooooo good when I read your posts, PB. And yes, I am a pakka non-vegetarian but I won’t bother you with any such questions 🙂As a matter of fact, there was a girl in my class who was a vegetarian and she would make faces even when we just talked about meat. Now that I recollect, it sounds really funny. But to each her own.


    • D’awww… I have been crazy busy at work learning new things and shouldering more analysis responsibilities. I barely get time to read about my tv shows now. Haha!
      Well, yeah, I wouldn’t be ranting if I wouldn’t get these questions everyday! Even from desis, when Indian food is heaven for vegetarians!


  2. Spot on, vegetarian food is healthy. I feel that eating is personal and no one has the right to comment. Sad that so many has a blurred perception about India. I mean, I am a non-veg person but enjoy a good veg meal from time-to-time.


  3. Let me add some more to the list:
    16. Ah, you must be saving so much money by skipping meat
    17. Luckily, you are a girl, that’s why you are a vegetarian. Guys can’t live without meat.


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