Fight to survive.

I refuse to lose.
You try to bring me down. You try to crush me under harsh reality. Every day, you leave me hurting, trying to breathe. While I am gasping for air, I hear the sound of your laughter. You try to win over me everyday, making me feel small.
You try to make me feel inconsequential by showing your might. You may have the power of ‘blitzkrieg’ over me, but I am trying. I am trying to survive, and not drown under the cold blast. I am desperately clawing for some warmth in the wet air, to keep up.
What do I do? Face the situation, or turn my back to it? I have to tolerate the cold wake up call you send my way each morning. I breathe in, and breathe out, in the hope of standing up to you.
This is a daily fight. But dear morning shower, one day I will win.


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