Food nightmares

I dreamt of my worst fears last night. I was living with a friend/sister(?) and her husband and we are taking care of the potted plants in the patio. I realize that both of us are pregnant and that too in the 9th month of pregnancy. The other girl is telling me about some of the contractions that she has been getting lately and that day turns out to be my due date as well. I realize that I have not had a single contraction yet and I get worried. I suddenly realize that I did sort of had my menses recently though and I get confused. I go back to check my calendar on my phone and it turns out that I am right! I did have my cycles! And then it hit me. I was not pregnant. I just got really. really fat!

Have you ever eaten so much that the food ended up translating into your worst nightmares? Well, I was that anaconda last night who forgot the size of her stomach and proceeded to stuff her face.

That’s it, you guys. I am going on a diet. I haven’t worked out since August and I need my fit body back. I can’t deal with all the winter food and the super-round face I have going on. Especially not with these kind of dreams!

Wish me luck!

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