A bored Instagrammer’s boring rant.

You have been warned.

It started with Youtube. I used to be obsessed with it. Watching vlogs, short films, comedians, skits, etc. Until Youtube became extremely click-baity. It has fallen into the same trap as Facebook or Whatsapp with it’s barrage of fake news, videos, and click-bait videos. “Oh my God, look what i did to my boyfriend!” And it turns out to be an extremely stupid video where the vlogger is obviously looking to increase views. I cant stand the terrible video icons that are pinned. I feel even the content creators are caught in a rut, with the exception of probably Lily Singh. Eventually, I got very bored. So, obviously, my short attention span died, and I moved my focus to something else. Instagram.

Instagram was the ideal social media app for me. Just pictures, tiny videos, and nothing more. I would post, scroll and browse for hours in a day. I found so many makeup videos, DIY tutorials, recipes on Instagram, and they were all quick time-lapse videos. Just my type. But now, my patience is coming to an end with Instagram as well and I blame the so-called Insta-celebs for that.

Instagram has also gone down the youtube(or FB?) way where most videos have really odd and many times unrelated picture icons. If I ever actually go to see a video, it is just like a gazillion others with the model dripping some foundation down her face(what a waste!), putting snow white concealer on dark circles that only she can see, and 800 layers of powders, contouring and highlighting. Every few days, there will be a new trend sweeping, and the whole Insta-celeb community will start doing the same.

If I start looking at an eye makeup tutorial, I stop it midway because I am done with the number of steps! I don’t want to spend 20 minutes doing my eyebrow(#Browgamestrong!), fake lashes(#Lashesfordays), snowy highlighter(#yaasskweeen). All I wanted was a quick tip for a winged eyeliner! Also, since when has every grocery trip started to demand such a heavy contour and highlighting? When did we all started wanting to turn into a Kardashian?! There are very, very few fashion or beauty bloggers that can be followed on Instagram who feel like a breath of fresh air. Keeping it real has turned into a gameshow of fake.

Instagram was my happy place to see cute dog or kitty videos. I loved browsing through antics of labs and golden retrievers and adorable Corgi-b*tts. But then, something scary started creepin’ into my feeds. Toddlers. Not the average, cute toddlers, but the Insta-celeb kinds. Nothing is creepier than seeing a 3 year old in a very adult trendy outfit with curled hair, lipstick and oversized sunglasses. Nothing makes me cringe more than a 4 year old looking like a 20 year old frat boy. How do you even want to see your child like that, makes me wonder. If I want to see frat or sorority kids, I just have to walk over to the closest bar. They will be there falling over each other in drunken slobbery. I will not even touch upon the kind of videos and selfies that teenagers post because it just upsets me. Why is there such a need to act like adults?

I am starting to sound like one of those whiny vloggers themselves, so I will stop my rant now. I guess, every shitty thing has it’s day and then the next shitty thing takes over. Now, is the era of click-baits and I will just have to wait it out. Till then, the golden retrievers will keep me going.

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4 thoughts on “A bored Instagrammer’s boring rant.

  1. This is so weird, JUST this morning I was thinking to myself (okay FINE talking to myself) about how ratofied the whole deal has become, every one is saying the same things, doing the same things, such similar content that I can’t tell which channel I’m on anymore :O But thankfully, my subscriptions are extremely widely varied, so that keeps it interesting.

    I know exactly what you mean about the overdressed kids -_-

    Instagram explore is pretty cool tho… I find some really nice people through that. Do you follow any junk accounts? Maybe that’s why your reccos are messed up.


    • Hai na? It’s the exact same! I used to like a couple of channels and follow them, but I am so done. Even Jenna marbles has started to do edition 1, 2, 3 of her previously liked videos. I can’t tolerate makeup or fashion videos anymore. So bored of the same formula.
      I have 2 IG accounts and I follow only friends on my personal one. I don’t really get junk suggestions. But I have started to find them super repetitive and clickbaity.


  2. I hear you! Instagram was my go-to app. Now it has become so meh. And I hate Stories, for some reason. I made a new rule for all social media browsing. I scroll till I reach the first interesting post that takes me away from the app. And then I don’t get back to the app. I leave from the new opened site. That’s the only way I can get away from the shit on these sites! 😀


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