Low key troll(me!)

I have a kaadi-dimaag per my mom. To my non-Indian friends, this is a very colloquial way to put that I have a mischievous side to me that likes to stir up trouble. I thought of a few harmless ways you can derive a little laughter from the mundane things in life. Some of these have been used by me or someone I knew. I still gets tears of laughter everytime I remember his innocent troll.

  1. Order a pizza and when prompted for a name, say ‘Friend’. I swear I laughed till I cried at this.
  2. At a coffee shop, order a Tall drink and give your name as not-so-tall.
  3. Tell someone walking their dog that their cat is very cute and well-trained.
  4. Ask your co-worker why was his passenger tire missing.
  5. Ask a Rajput dissing Padmavati if he has actually seen the movie.
  6. Mention current GDP in a casual conversation with your Modi-bhakt cousin.
  7. Forward a meme about Whatsapp forwards to your entire contact list.
  8. Hide a Table Tennis/Ping pong plastic ball in a roomie’s carton of eggs.
  9. Claim that your friend is planning a golf outing the morning of his wedding, in front of the bride.
  10. Act like you sneezed while passing a round of drinks.

Leave some ideas in the comments below! Till then, happy trolling!

PS: Any side-effects or injuries arising, are your own doings and I don’t owe a dot of responsibility. *shrugs*

I love to get notes. So, go ahead...

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