As an Indian Master’s STEM degree holder, looking at atleast 15-20 years wait to get a Green Card, away from family and with real tiny chances of migrating them here, I am finding it difficult to comprehend DACA Dreamers’s pathway to citizenship. To people who don’t know, H1B visa holders(like me) pay all taxes exactly like citizens, including Social Security taxes, without being eligible for those benefits. And I will continue being on that visa till my Green Card is approved. I am ready to put down a real investment here, but the lack of permanency holds me back. Most other visa holders feel the same, so the economy is actually losing out on some solid investments as well.

I do understand their plight and I am supportive towards visa grants. They have worked extremely hard and it’s unreal to see good, honest people being forced to leave to support an underlying racist current. I don’t want their families torn, and I want them to realize their American dream.  But so do we.

Please educate me if I am wrong. I am ready to learn.

PS: Left leaning liberal here, btw. I am a millennial, we are all about the labels. 😉 (Cool Trevor Noah reference.)

9 thoughts on “Dreamers…

  1. The problem and you are not alone is that we club all classes of immigration as “immigration issues”. The STEM, J1-H1 isn’t a comparable status to the dreamers at all. But it is frustrating that this class is not even part of the conversation as this class is also looking to “immigrate”. You are right, there is a chance that this country will lose out on it’s own investment on educating you and getting you a job. You have also put in an equal if not more if an investment. Unfortunately a totally different conversation, which is not even happening. So why the whole fuss about people that came illegally. I hear you and your frustration is valid. It is just not comparable to the Dreamers. This class of youth are people that came here by virtue of being brought here by their parents. The question is do we deport these people now after being here for 10-15-20+ years when this is the only home they know. Hence the name dreamers. They were labelled illegals as well before the Obama administration. I am sure you know all this.. My point being.. Please don’t compare yourself to them. Let’s all fight for the right thing to happen, to everyone whatever their right is.

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    • You are absolutely correct. That’s why it sucks that they are being name called at every opportunity and turned into a bargaining chip for ego satisfaction, at the cost of their future!
      I also completely agree that immigration is such a broad topic and unfortunately attention is being paid to only one group, just like India and political minority appeasement.
      We are comparatively a privileged lot. But we are also suffering. I have a legit headache right now. Sheesh.

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  2. Immigration dreams, for me, seem so so distant right now. When you guys, who are already there are so unsure, people like me don’t stand a chance! I wish I had tried sooner! and I hope all of this changes!


  3. Yeah Immigration policies suck. We lucked out and got our citizenships in 10 years. But there are so many people like you say who came here on a valid visa and have done everything right and yet it takes forever to get a Green Card and have to be constantly worry about their life path. Regarding Dreamers, on one hand if there are no strict Immigration policies, people will continue to bring minors and overstay and try to secure citizenship. On the other hand, as you said just because we are privileged to a certain degree, we were able to come in here legally, this is not an option for so many who want a better shot at life.


    • Yes, exactly! I do feel we have more assistance on hand when it comes to understanding the laws and we can afford that. But it’s difficult for a lot of other people. But struggle is struggle and everyone is going through it. That’s why I get frustrated. Also, my luck sucks that I am pretty much lagging behind to start my process than my peers. Annoying!


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