What’s shakin’?

I opened my wordpress site to notice that my last post was more than a month ago. What is happening to meeee? “The flow of life….” in the words of the yoga teacher at the gym. Yep. Not my laziness and total lack of creativity. The only creative thing I have done in the past many months is setting up three clues for Mr. PB’s birthday treasure hunt. The first clue had a wrong spelling, go figure. Also the mix of his expression saying “What?! What’s happening? At midnight?!” with my wide-eyed, big smile, anxious face was hilarious!

I went on a whirlwind, the-last-moment sort of a week long trip to Pune and Delhi, to shop for my wedding outfits. Oh, I am getting married in December, if noone knows yet! What a fabulous way of announcing it. Honestly, I don’t remember if I have already mentioned it on the blog yet and I am not about to go and search. Please bear with scrambled brain. Coming back to the trip, I decided to go because of jealousy when Mr. PB went for a week to his home in Delhi and went to look at wedding lehengas for me. I burnt and died when I saw pictures of his sister trying on all the pretty outfits. My mature head went “Why? She is already married! It’s MY moment under the spotlight!!” And hence I decided to splurge on PTO from work and 1000 bucks on tickets. These days maturity just seeps out from all my pores.

The trip was good, but insanely hectic. It was much needed though. Also, I timed it perfectly with Labor day holiday and Ganesh Chaturthi. Spending the first few days at home during the festivities, was priceless! I havent been home for Ganpati in 10 years and that used to pinch quite a bit. I was a bit bummed that I got to spent only 4 days in Pune, since I had to fly out to Delhi as well for shopping and my return flight. I may call it a successful trip because 3 out of 4 outfits are done! Getting married in an inter-cultural, 2 states kind of way is hectic, and I am glad I took this trip to sort through some things. December would have been insane otherwise, trying to plan everything in 10 days.

Speaking of inter-cultural, are there any tips from inter-state couples? I would really appreciate some help and insight, on how to walk the tightrope spanning across families and culture differences, while expectations and burdens pop up here and there. We would have liked it to be a homogeneous mix like water-sugar, but so far, it’s an emulsion of oil-water. We try and shake it vigorously for a few moments in the hope of mixing it, but it still settles down into separate layers. Should we force it, or just leave it and appreciate the fact that at least the layers sit side-by-side without combustion?

I suppose this is all for now. I will try and squeeze out more creative juices, unless the wedding planning takes a toll on me. Hope that everyone is having a good time!


15 thoughts on “What’s shakin’?

  1. Never commented here, but been a long time reader :). I am from Pune and hubby is from Kolkata – so as far as advice goes, follow your yoga teachers one – go with the flow! It has been 10 years of being married, but except for a few member of extended family, it is still oil and water for us! But all if ok as long as the guy and girl are at peace and happy. Hope that helps and congratulations!


  2. Firstly, congratulations!
    I’m Bengali and married a North Indian. We wanted a pared down, no-frills wedding. Instead, we ended up with a multi-city, multi-event wedding. Among other things, my mother-in-law bought the lehenga without asking me (which I’m yet to get over) and we ended up having the wedding in Delhi which my parents weren’t happy about. I truly questioned what I was getting into as days went by. The only thing that helped was reminding myself that it’s just one day – I get to live the rest of my life with the person I’ve chosen. Weddings are more about families than the couple. I got through it because we were a team and we were both more focused on what came afterwards. Win the war and let go of the battles, I say 🙂 All the very best!


    • Thank you for this comment that I somehow missed like a doofus. Our wedding took place, thankfully amidst a lot of laughter and fun. The preceding week was one of the worst though for many reasons. He flew in a day earlier to surprise me and to save our relationship. I, unfortunately, have had a tough time forgetting a lot of things. But the fact that we are together, helps.


    • Ohh also, after reminding my in-laws for months about the 9.40 am muhurat for the marathi wedding, and insisting how important it is, my M-I-L was not present for the antarpath and mangalashtak. Her makeup was not done on time. 😦


  3. It’s December already and I believe by the time you’ll read this comment you’ll be on your honeymoon.
    Sending loads of love, peace and cheer your way.
    Have a blessed married life dear PB ❤️


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