I wonder, what goes on behind certain thought processes people have. I wish I could know when people say something, do something, and be okay with it, what are they actually thinking. How do they come to the conclusion, or if there is any conclusion at all.

I wonder what were those people thinking when they decided to drag a Turtle out of the sea, stand on it to click selfies and then thrash it with a stick. What kind of people exist right next to us, who think it’s okay to pass around a baby dolphin struggling for breathes, just because it will be a cool shot to have? What would make someone strangle a swan in the process of having a new profile picture? How did they bring themselves to pay money for a Rhino horn or a Tiger head?

Are these people ever going to feel guilt? Or are they going to shrug it off with ‘shit happens’ and walk away?

Is there any ounce of regret somehwere when they read that the turtle has severe head injuries and is struggling to survive even after being pumped with antibiotics? Maybe it is just one of the million animals who die anyways. Some caged up all their lives, some tortured, some shot, some injected, some skinned, some beaten up to death, and some suffocated. Where does this depravity come from, and where is it going to end? How has survival instinct moved beyond food and protection to just mindless profit and utter stupidity?

What goes on in the mind of the animal being abused? ‘What is happening to me? Why is this happening to me?’ It is argued that animals cant think and don’t feel the pain. Then why do they cry out?
And what goes on in the mind of the abuser when they hear the cries? Nothing?

We need to be afraid. Very afraid.