Some zodiac wreckage

Have you ever come across Chinese zodiac signs? With all the animals? It is supposed to represent all these characteristics and personality traits. I have my own set of animal-type predictions too. It’s all in good humor.


Rat : You are good at scheming against your group. People cannot be open and free in front of you because you will ‘rat out’ to the boss. You cannot perform in a team because you want all the credit at no work. You steal people’s stuff. Being sneaky is a major trait.

Ox : You are the drunk-on-power kind of a person. Unneccessary show of strength is your forte. You have an unreasonable hatred of the red color.

Tiger : You have a very bad habit of challenging and betting. You are prone to losing money at the drop of a hat. Indulgence in crimes and being mean comes easy to you. You are an introvert and you hate people. Even your family. Specially kids. You may want to eat them.

Rabbit : You are dumb. You usually have a chubby body and cute face. You think you can get away with being cute. Although IQ is quite low, you still know pretending to be dumb has made life easy. Specially for the female kind. You have a tendency to take and eat shit from others. Even your own, at times.

Dragon : You have major anger issues. You come across as a total jerk. Your aggression hasn’t earned you friends. You flirt like nobody’s business and are the cheatee in affairs. You breathe fire on people and annoy the sh*t out of them all the time.

Snake : Venomous gossiping is your forte. You have a sharp tongue and your sarcasm has injured many egos. You are the last person to be able to be trusted. You may do well as vamps and villains in TV serials.

Horse : Your excessive energy is a big problem. You annoy everyone around you by ‘horse’ing around too much. You are so beyond the boundary. The boundary is a blur to you. Your food habits are bad. You usually have gassy issues due to excessive munching on ‘chana’.

Sheep : You are extremely selfish. All you think of is ‘meeeeeee’.

Monkey : You steal things like nobody’s business. You are always playing tricks and are a rebel in the society. You have a weird habit of touching people’s hair and food.

Rooster : You make the worst house guest. You have no qualms about waking your hosts up at 4 am by screaming and yelling or singing. You like to provoke people into fights.

Dog : You are a complete doormat. People treat you the way they want and yet you will be around wagging your b*tt at them. You are always greedy for more. You have an insatiable appetite for food.

Pig : You are always hungry and looking around for food. You have no sense of hygeine and may just sit in your own sh*t for the longest time. Your lack of physical food and excessive food makes you overweight.

PS- I am a rabbit. 😜