Humans or parasites?

All the views expressed on this blog are mine. And I am allowed to express/rant. Like all Princesses are.

I am extremely upset. With one thing and another.

FYI, I am absolutely against fur and leather. And I firmly believe animals have the right to their own skin and no one else.

It is an animal for God’s sake and not an Outfit of the Day.

I am not telling anyone to change their lifestyle or food habits. Although I may not agree to it, but it is food after all. I ate meat till my 9th grade and then I gave it up sometime in 2002. It was because I really, really love animals and work for them and couldn’t handle the thought of something dying to be on my plate. But then, it is food and livelihood for plenty of people. I may feel really bad for the deer but I know the lion will not be able to digest grass.

But do take a moment to think about drawing a line between need and luxuries and at what cost you are getting it. Are you really carrying a nice $850 Coach handbag or an animal that was lying on the table blinking and gasping after it was skinned alive? It sounds really harsh, but it true.

Versace may do gorgeous fur trims, but it came off something that did not even have the voice to cry after being bludgeoned.

I found out recently how 75% leather is actually dog or cat skin made in China (the letter said or India, where animal cruelty laws are very weak) and sold to manufacturing units. Many of these dogs are stolen from their humans. They are taken away from their loved ones. We feel very sad about human trafficking, and I might be the only one who feels equally sad about these voiceless creatures. I couldn’t stand the picture where they were bludgeoned to death in front of cages filled with alive dogs who were climbing on top of each other to escape. Watching the video footage was out of question, because I had seen the one about fur 5 years ago, and it killed my 4 nights of sleep.

This is a passionate issue for me and very close to my heart. I have blogged about something similar before here.

Let’s prove that we are at the top of evolution chain for a reason and not for mindless murder of humans through wars, or animals for money or of forests for our own profit.


Dear Chintu…

Oh Chintu, you sweet doggie. You came into the society right after my 9th had ended with your cutie lil sister Mintu. Both white. Chintu, a boy with brown spots and Mintu, a girl, with black spots. You both were adorably cute and wanted to play with Moony, who, ahem, can have a li’l attitude. You were just a year younger to Moony. I remember Risbood auntie christening you both.

Time flew and you grew up to be such a weirdo. You had the smoothest head I have ever seen! With taut skin and super short hair, and a thin long tail, you looked perpetually naked. One of your eyes had thick black liner and one eye had half and rest half some pink thing going on. We never stopped making fun of your funky looks. Mintu was the prettier one clearly. She had puppies when she was 2 years old. It was inside a junk hut full of wooden planks and stuff. Mom told us not to go near Mintu because she may have bitten us, but yet Dad and I went near the hut the day after they were born to see them. We were peeping through the window when she saw us. She came running outside with the most amazing expression on her face! She was smiling, we kid you not! She actually nudged us in and then pushed her li’l puppies to dad and my feet. It was like she was showing them off! Dad started patting her saying things like ‘kiti goad aahe tujhe baal, shaani Mintu majhi’(How cute your kids are, my good Mintu). She just lied down for a tummy rub from Dad while I played with the pups. Sorry Chintu, for we had to send your nephews/perhaps sons(I hope not!) away for adoption and eventually the watchman also sent Mintu away to live on someone’s farm. I hope she had a good life.

Chintu, it was amazing how you could recognize our car’s horn from one lane away when Dad would come back from work. Heck, you even recognized our Scooty’s sound! Well, our Scooty roars like a rocket engine but goes at the speed of a bicycle, so it is not hard to recognize. It doesn’t matter if you were snoozing somewhere, or eating, or doing any of your business, but you came running and gamboling to greet mom or dad or me. You used to be rewarded with toast or khaari. Just this was enough for your evening snack because you liked to have chicken courtesy Aderao auntie for your dinner. You were so regular that toast and khaari was a part of our monthly ration even if no one else in the house ate them.

Your breakfast was set to be milk and roti. We had to do every trick in the world to shut the door on Moony’s face because he would get insanely jealous when you got the food from us. Moony was a jerk at times barking at you from the car, but you would just go ‘aaaaoooonnnnn aaaaaa’ at him and continue wagging your weird whippy tail in circles.

It was a delight in the morning to meet you. Dad says you never missed the morning walk. As soon as he would take Moony out, you would join them and roam together. And then, you would earn your breakfast. Well, you would also go missing for days, when you were out and about like a Romeo. We always wondered how you did it in spite of the operation we got done on you! Geesh! You would come back with new cuts and bruises from all the wars you fought for the ladies. And then it was Dad’s headache to pot ointments on you or wash you up. There was this one time I had to wash your face for a gross reason. Moony had lifted his leg to pee on a small plant and God knows why you rolled over there and Moony continued his business. You were blinking when his pee hit your face but there was nothing anyone could do!

The funniest thing I remember of you is your vigorously wagging tail going thwack-thwack on the ground because you wouldn’t even get up out of sleepiness and then squealing for me to pat you. The other thing is how your and Moony’s weird relationship made me suspect that Moony’s gay. Also, I am going to slide over the fact that you stole some of Moony’s girlfriends. You got slapped by mom and no snacks on those days.The biggest Chintu characteristic was that we would be walking home from the grocery store and suddenly we would feel this wetness on our hands. You would always sneak up from behind and lick our hands! Sneaky you! You also had the most incredibly clean and white teeth ever! You could have been a walking and talking advertisement for colgate. 

A lot of building people always wanted you out. But mom and dad argued with/convinced everyone that you were okay. You had indeed prevented some robberies. Except Vengurlekar aunty who kept up a constant tirade against you. Not considering the fact that you were old, and arthritic, and so tired. We defended you. Always. Dad threatened this man at the grocery store who claimed he would poison you. That is the only time I have heard of Dad really losing it. You were the most harmless creature ever and even little kids played with you freely. You were last in the generation of dogs that came with you. Kolhoba(accident), Furry(disappeared with the watchman), Mintu(gone), many others. Now there are Audi and Snowy who are extremely sweet as well.

My parents last day in Kothrud, they fed you eggs and milk and you really enjoyed the meal. They sent me pictures. Even I had tears in my eyes looking at you. They don’t tell me, but they were very emotional at the thought of leaving you. But they were sure Aderao auntie will keep you full and fed and well-cared for like rest of the dogs.

We left on 26th November 2014. We had our Vastu Pujan on 3rd January 2015 when I was in Pune. Risbood uncle and auntie came home on 6th January 2015. Auntie told us then…. You were gone…. 28th December 2014. You had a very bad evening and probably had a cardiac arrest. You left for the rainbow bridge later that night surrounded by your kiddo friends and Aderao Auntie. She took care of you and kept you warm. She got you medicines from the Doc as well, but there was no point. 

You passed away at your 12 years of age. You had a long and hopefully good life. You are the only roadie I know who had a natural death so that makes me happy for you.

Chintu, we will always remember every bit of you. 

That very black wet nose, the hard and round scalp and the whip of a tail you had.
The wetness of your sneaky kisses, the hundreds of fleas we pulled out of your skin, and your very strong legs.
The funny floppy ears, the half pink eye, and the funny squeal of yours.
The lady-love scars, your love for butter-milk, and your evening snacking.

We miss you, sweets.

Chintu, the great.


Some zodiac wreckage

Have you ever come across Chinese zodiac signs? With all the animals? It is supposed to represent all these characteristics and personality traits. I have my own set of animal-type predictions too. It’s all in good humor.


Rat : You are good at scheming against your group. People cannot be open and free in front of you because you will ‘rat out’ to the boss. You cannot perform in a team because you want all the credit at no work. You steal people’s stuff. Being sneaky is a major trait.

Ox : You are the drunk-on-power kind of a person. Unneccessary show of strength is your forte. You have an unreasonable hatred of the red color.

Tiger : You have a very bad habit of challenging and betting. You are prone to losing money at the drop of a hat. Indulgence in crimes and being mean comes easy to you. You are an introvert and you hate people. Even your family. Specially kids. You may want to eat them.

Rabbit : You are dumb. You usually have a chubby body and cute face. You think you can get away with being cute. Although IQ is quite low, you still know pretending to be dumb has made life easy. Specially for the female kind. You have a tendency to take and eat shit from others. Even your own, at times.

Dragon : You have major anger issues. You come across as a total jerk. Your aggression hasn’t earned you friends. You flirt like nobody’s business and are the cheatee in affairs. You breathe fire on people and annoy the sh*t out of them all the time.

Snake : Venomous gossiping is your forte. You have a sharp tongue and your sarcasm has injured many egos. You are the last person to be able to be trusted. You may do well as vamps and villains in TV serials.

Horse : Your excessive energy is a big problem. You annoy everyone around you by ‘horse’ing around too much. You are so beyond the boundary. The boundary is a blur to you. Your food habits are bad. You usually have gassy issues due to excessive munching on ‘chana’.

Sheep : You are extremely selfish. All you think of is ‘meeeeeee’.

Monkey : You steal things like nobody’s business. You are always playing tricks and are a rebel in the society. You have a weird habit of touching people’s hair and food.

Rooster : You make the worst house guest. You have no qualms about waking your hosts up at 4 am by screaming and yelling or singing. You like to provoke people into fights.

Dog : You are a complete doormat. People treat you the way they want and yet you will be around wagging your b*tt at them. You are always greedy for more. You have an insatiable appetite for food.

Pig : You are always hungry and looking around for food. You have no sense of hygeine and may just sit in your own sh*t for the longest time. Your lack of physical food and excessive food makes you overweight.

PS- I am a rabbit. 😜


Compassion in the times of cruelty

Is the earth really meant only for humans?
Since the last few days, I have been following the Taiji cove dolphin killings. I do not have the nerve to open their live feed links and watch the reddened sea water. It pains me. It disturbs me, the ease with which the world can defend such violent killings of innocent beings who do not even understand why they are being subjected to such abject cruelty. I do not understand what part of the human brain or heart can drive a human being to rationalize this kind of a slaughter. I do not understand how a human being, supposedly the most intelligent mammal, can laugh while stoning a dog, kicking a kitten, slaughtering a rhinoceros, breaking the spine of a bottlenose dolphin. I cannot even understand how it can be so easy to turn your head away from such gory truth.

It really pains me to see humans falling to such levels where money, profit and luxuries are the only things that matter.

I guess this will never stop. I have to build my strength to be able to see such happenings and do whatever I can, in my capacity. I cannot accept it and move on for sure.

There are several people like me who want to do something but don’t know what to do. Here are a few things amongst many, that you can do to make a difference in your own small ways for your co-habitants on earth.

1. Try and use cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products.

2. If you see an injured animal, call Blue Cross(google their local number) and let them know. They will also neuter the dogs and mark them. The animal becomes calmer after sterilization. You can even get them vaccinated, if you want. It is not very expensive. Whenever I got it done for the strays in my area, I would just skip watching a movie in a multiplex.

3. Keep bowls of water in your balcony or outside the housing societies.

4. You can call certain animal groups in your area and donate old cotton clothes that are not in a wearable condition, your old newspapers, gunny bags, etc. The cotton clothes make good bandages, and the newspapers and gunny bags help recovering animals keep dry.

5. If you want a pet, I highly suggest adopting a rescue rather than buying a purebred. The animal is not a status symbol.

6. Do not get a pet if you intend to treat it as a door show piece. Please!

7. Energy conservation goes a long way and helps everyone!

For now, I can just pray for the lives being snatched away, at no fault of their own.

Rest in peace, dear innocence.

(I know this post comes across all preachy, but it is just what I am feeling.)