Sisterhood of the world QnA

I got nominated for a fun questionnaire by Boiling Wok called ‘Sisterhood of the world Q&A’.


I have lurked on Boiling Wok’s WordPress ever since I started reading her comments on IHM’s blog. I loved her insight on certain taboo topics for women, and her take on gender inequality, feminism and the institution of marriage. Cheers to you, and your thoughts, girl!
She developed a set of questions and these are my answers below:

1. One beauty product you would recommend to your girlfriends.

If you have confused skin thinking that it’s a pimply teenager instead of a 28 year old over-the-hill adult, or suffer from extreme lack of sleep thanks to Netflix and Facebook(stalker!), MAC select cover concealer is your best friend. Period.

2.Three books everybody must read.

a. Harry Potter series : According to me, a person who hasnt read Harry Potter, is missing a bit of his soul. Although a word of caution that i have learned, do not start a fight about “How have you never read/seen Harry Potter!!!” on a date or with someone you are crushing on. Girl, its not gonna get you anywhere.

b. The Kite Runner : It changed my thought process. Past is not something to shut away for good. Revisiting it, facing those demons or just contemplation can help you become a better person. As long as the obsession over past is not unhealthy, it can be a catalyst for a good future.

c. Biology lessons from Std 12th science : It surprises, no, shocks me when women don’t know anything about their own bodies, forget about cluelessness about male anatomy. Ladies, you should at least know what the hell you have on and inside your body and how it functions.

3. Favorite online shopping site.

I am currently obsessed with Amazon.com since I am setting up my new apartment, but Target.com is where I get most of my packages from usually.

4. Favorite phone app.

Google maps! God gave me a gift to be able to visualize fluid motion in cavities, but took away my own sense of direction on roads.

5. One dish you are really good at making and its recipe.

I make really good tawa paneer and I follow this recipe here on Veg Recipes of India.

So, now I have my own set of 5 questions for you guys:

1. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

2. Which is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

3. If you could make a signature scent, what would it smell like?

4. Describe the last dream you remember. Bonus point if it was naughty. 😉

5. What was your last Google search about?

I would like to nominate the following ladies for this questionnaire.

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2. Moo’s Khayals

3. Bhakti

4. Kinmin

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