Inky blue love

I painted again after a long time…. Lately weekends scare me. I look forward to weekends after working for 5 days, but as soon as Friday dawns, that familiar darkness starts to engulf me. I have people around, yet it feels extremely lonely. My friend and my xroomie K encouraged me to start pursuing my hobbies again and develop new ones. She says I must keep myself busy and get rid of my laziness and loneliness. I followed what she said and I felt much better after my painting was done. The turbulent feeling of despair seemed to have calmed down. Hopefully I will continue this with regularity.
So here is my painting, Inky blue love.

This is acrylic in medium with prussian blue, white, black, sienna brown, canary yellow, crimson red thrown into the mix.


ETA: Going to gift this to my friends A and N. It should make a good housewarming gift.