Cute or what!

I skipped work on Monday after a crazy Saturday night dancing session.
As I have mentioned earlier, my boss is a White guy in his mid 70s.
So on Tuesday, this is what happened.

Boss : Are you okay?? ARE YOU OKAY??

Me : Yessir, all fine now.

Boss : *Shaking head* You don’t listen to me. I am worried about your diet. When did you have your last annual checkup?

Me : Errrr…..

Boss : So, if something happens to you, then we look for one doctor, young lady?

Me : I will get one! TODAY! (Task still pending)

Boss : You are alone here, please do something about your diet. Please eat fish atleast. Have fish n chips, or chicken, something! *Proceeds to explain about different fishes in the market*

Me : *Grinning and shaking my head*

Boss : So, okay, what really happened?

Me : *Sheepish* My back and legs hurt……. Cuz of dancing for 3 hours at a friend’s Bollywood party.


Boss : Errrr, okay… You know, mom and dad aren’t here, we have to take care of you…….



Pressure of performance

Overheard this conversation from the Boss’s cabin. My cubicle is next to him. My Boss is a 74 year old adorable Canadian-American, who takes good care of me. He says I am like a little girl and it is like having his grand daughter around. 😀
He hired a new Project Engineer for our R&D team, and he is an Indian. He is from my boss’s previous company and that is where I had interviewed first with ze boss.

My boss to the new Indian guy at work : “Oh, you have met PB before, she is really good, blah blah blah…”

Indian guy : “ Oh, that is good to know”

Boss *Chuckling* : She is quite cheeky, has a great sense of humor. Makes everyone laugh all the time.”

Indian guy : *Smiling politely*

After a while,

Indian guy : “Hey, how are you? Good to see you again!”

Me : “I am good! Congrats on the new job, and welcome aboard!”