The most generic flowers ever

I painted two weeks back. I thought I will do something awesome but instead ended up with such a generic bumch of flowers that I felt that I am back in 6th grade. I don’t hate it, but I am not loving it. I am not happy with my skills. 


Medium is acrylic on canvas. Crimson red, white, some green(forgot the shade), cobalt blue and canary yellow. 


A poppy field…


I made a painting after almost 3 years. I was feeling so good when I started giving the blue wash to my canvas. The BF’s sis gave me her brushes and palette and some paints. I was more than happy to get my favorite stuff. Then, Karen and Chad in my lab spoke about having a painting session and I jumped right into their plan.
I have used Acrylic paints here and canvas sheets. I have used prussian blue, white, black, crimson red and yellow. Mixed these and got the hues that I wanted.
This painting makes me feel really good and happy inside. It reminds me of the flower fields in Carlsbad that me and BF had gone to last year.