More unexpected compliments…

Who doesn’t love to hear nice things about themselves? Specially if they are totally out of the blue, they are even better. I was standing in RJ’s cubicle, speaking to him about something related to work. Dennis(my boss, the 75 yr old white guy, for the uninitiated) walked in and had this totally unrelated conversation with me.

Dennis : You know what, PB? If only you were 5 inches taller, you would have been a great fashion model.
*Stunned 15 seconds of silence everywhere*

Me : *Smiling ear to ear* Really? What makes you say that??

Dennis : You have the right shape. You have a beautiful smile. And you have a very nice face to look at.

Me : Errrr, thanks Dennis. Well I wanted to be an actress. Haha

Dennis : That would have been possible, but its harder. Anyways, since we cannot be those things, we will satisfy ourselves by being very good engineers. 

My head was floating, filled up like a balloon. It was brought back to earth by my temperamental skin that decided to flare up the next day.


Of unexpected compliments

I was at a house party with some friends from work over the weekend. The host had his Girlfriend over and her parents were there too before the others had reached. We chatted quite a bit with them and I had to teach them how to say my name correctly. 🙂 They left shortly after. 

Amanda, my friend’s GF came over the next day for brunch and told me something extremely sweet that her Dad said and my friends went ‘Oh yes, that’s so true!’ 

That made my day. 

He said that he adored me. He said that my smile was so beautiful and happy. And that I smiled the whole time even while talking and that is so rare.

I am in heaven! 🙂