Turning 27…

…is hard!

You start getting asked if you are married or not more than a national average of 3 times a day. People assume if you are not a marriage material or why else you can’t even snag a husband. It gets worse when people start wondering why do you not even have a boyfriend!

You go to a store and anti-ageing is pushed onto you like no tomorrow. There was a time when taking care of wrinkles began after you turned 35. Now, mid-late twenties is already so damn late that you are on your way to looking like a pug.

You are still stuck in a limbo because clothes at Macy’s and Nordstrom look too aunty-like and you still fall for the pretty teeny bopper clothes at Forever 21.

Going out and partying induces a major calculation drive that involves what time do you need to wake up the next day and how many hours of sleep you shall get.

Beginning of the month brings about a ‘Woohoo’ for the start of a new month budget and a ‘Waaaan’ when all the mortgages and rents and EMIs leave your bank accounts

You can no longer wolf down those 3 slices of pizza without freaking out about that belly bulge. ‘A moment on the lips, forever on the hips’ is here to stay, baby!

Binge drinking brings about a worse hangover than ever. Your stomach also refuses to co-operate anymore and say hello to way too many restroom visits the next day.

Teenage acne has given way to adult acne. Hmmpphh.

If your skin was dry all your life, it starts turning oilier. The reverse is also true. In short, your skin hates you now.

Say hello to being called ‘Aunty’ by your friends’ babies.

So, it happened on the 26th of September for me and I am dealing with it with a mixture of trepidation and happiness. I thank God for his little mercies and for making me see another year of life. The ball is in His court now to start turning up the ‘good’ about my days.

PS : I got my driving license card on Saturday and it is here to stay till 2019, babay!


The royal mess

Today morning, I heard an interesting discussion on the radio. It was about lovers and soul-mates. Whether they are different or the same thing. It made me wonder. I think you can fall in love, fall out of it, and fall again. But probably(?) soul-mate is one. A soul-mate is a person who just understands you without a spoken word. You can smile, laugh, joke, argue, fight with that person without risking that bond. I suppose a lover and soul-mate could be the same person. If someone finds that kind of a love, damn, he/she is the luckiest ever.

And then something worse happened. Since last couple of weeks, specialy in Vegas, I realized that the person who shared my likes and dislikes, peppered with enough disagreements as well, wasn’t with me. The person who was yang to my yin, isn’t in my life anymore. This all is making me really afraid. What if have lost my soul-mate? Maybe I can live without the romantic gestures. But I am not sure if I can live without even a tiny presence of my ‘person’ with me. This all is just making me extremely nervous. Maybe it is the new phase I have entered after he moved back to India, maybe it is the loneliness. I have no clue. Whatever it is, I hope it sorts itself out soon.

Right now, I am straining my myopic eyes, searching for that light at the end of this tunnel. This darkness scares me.