Stuff right now…

1. I fell sick over the weekend and Monday. It was an odd mixture of anxiety, panic, guilt(for some strange reason)and a teeny, tiny bit of heartache. It’s called PMS-ing. 😀

2. I have realized that my heart hasn’t turned into a tin foil robot and I am glad about that.

3. I have managed to lose all my Turkey holiday weight. *touchwood*

4. My friend from Lonavala days, Sayali, who was a fellow mechie, just booked her tickets and we are seeing each other after 6 years on this Thanksgiving!! Yay!!

5. I AM MOVING! I am renting my own apartment in 2 weeks and I am so excited to be leaving my roommate situation that I am literally bouncing off the walls. I am going to be so broke, but so happy!

6. I have imposed a shopping ban on myself. No comments about it are going to be entertained. Hmmpphh. The only exception will be household stuff for the new home. NO MORE CLOTHES.

7. I am very scared that I have lost my reading habit. I am going to finish at least one book before thanksgiving as a challenge to myself.

8. I have had very busy weekends since September started where I have barely stayed at home or even in town for that matter, but I am loving every bit of this.

9. My India trip tickets have been booked! Yayyyy! My saree for Shib’s wedding has been finalized. Super excited for all that! It’s going to be a short trip but hoping to meet a lot of people that I haven’t been able to.

10. I am in a good place overall, you guys. I am smiling more often, staying happy, no tears. Things aren’t bothering me anymore except the occasional pinch. Maybe this is what moving on is. This is good. I am happy. And I hope everyone is.