The Hundie

This is my 100th post. One Hundie. One Hyundai(I drive an Elantra. I digress). It is a big number. I don’t even want to look at my old posts because I may cringe. And I may cringe with the current posts when I write my 200th.

I am going to note down the 5 things, in no particular order, that I have learnt since I started blogging.

1. You may find friends in unknown places. Like blogs. They are much, much better than having 1000 people on Facebook.

2. People may say they don’t care about what others say. But everyone yearns for appreciation. And secretly salivates for it. I am guilty. Appreciation is my drug. So keep saying nice things to me. 😀

3. Blogging about what I feel is like an overnight pimple reducing cream. It momentarily heals it. But it can’t stop the next zit. But heals it when it pops up.

4. Reading blogs motivates me to write better and to expand my 10 cubic cm by volume brain. Also, I like to read about other’s lives. Does that make me a perv?

5. I have realized I am not a feminist, but an equalist. It makes me mad when I read about men’s self-entitlement habits. But it also makes me mad when I read people jumping on men straight up and pretending that women can do no wrong, except if the woman is a mother in law. A change in mindset is needed by both sides. Don’t just rebel for the heck of it.


In other news, the parents have moved into ‘our’ home. It finally was all ready and we got the possession. They are extremely happy and I can’t wait to go home! They have sent me pictures of my name on the letterbox, in the lobby and on the front door. I want to get the last one taken off and just put the last name. The doggie has been taught to use the plants in the balcony for any pee related activities since we had a large backyard at the previous place and he will miss that. Taking him up and down the four floors, even with lifts would be inconvenient. He has always been so good about his bathroom habits that he hates when he has accidents.

We will miss our koyals, sparrows, kingfishers, bharadwajs, squirrels, goats(don’t ask) so much. House sparrows have started coming into the home, so it feels nice. Mom has found a female doggie in the complex called ‘Champi’ that gave birth to 3 pups few days back. We plan to get all spayed in the coming months. So all is okay in the world. We have our fauna.