Dream a little dream of me….

Dream a little dream of me,
Let your thoughts unfold,
Let me leave my body,
When I melt in your hold.

Make some lust mix with love,
Let your desires unfurl,
Lets open up to each other,
Turn a grain of sand into a pearl.

Into the fragrance of vanilla,
Lets splash some cinnamon,
Let the spices flow with the sugar,
As we become one.

Stretch your feelings to me,
Let our souls entwine,
Let us dissolve into each other,
We can make this love divine.

End note: I had seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled ‘dream a little dream of me’, which is also the title of a very old song. This phrase popped into my head while working on a vane design, I have no idea why. So, tada, this is a product of a 10 min coffee break.