N-N-1 again/ The 200th!

This is my 200th post, guys! Whoa, I really did write all that?


It was N-N-1 time again, and Norm was hosting it. He asked us to send in a picture that we clicked on Saturday, Oct 8th at 2 pm. By a fabulous stroke of luck, a wonderful story and picture fell into my lap! It’s a wonderful story of love, hopes, dreams, life and happiness. And the makings of a bridechilla.



We wondered about them when they had accidentally ‘disappeared’ during the Halloween party. We were almost sure when we saw them bonding in the research lab. We had called them out during the Christmas Secret Santa party when they both went to the room ‘tired’. K5 and I had ended up as neighbors in my last year at SDSU and CT was there a lot! It all became superbly clear after he moved in. Chadillac Thrills thought he was being sneaky! Haah! After 5 glorious years of friendship, love, game nights, Grad school, traveling, pizzas and boba tea, parties, camping, hiking, they are getting ready to spend their lives together, officially as a married couple. The anticipated engagement did not happen during their Europe trip, although there is an adorable picture under the Eiffel Tower tagged #didnotpropose. But it happened in true Chadillac style, calmly and sneaky-ly, where they started playing Sunday night games and there was the diamond in the Lego sets. I am glad to have witnessed the making of this amazing couple, right from the inception of their relationship. I am even happier that they consider me close enough to be a part of this beautiful journey. Last Saturday afternoon, at David’s Bridal, I helped K5 try on different shades of white, as she took on her role of a bride-to-be. There were tulle and organza, sweetheart necklines and mesh capes. There were pearls, lace and sequins. There were Zac Posens and Vera Wangs.
And, so it begins…

PS : Please pray that I can RSVP “Princess Butter + 1” for this August 2017 wedding…


Rest of the pictures and stories are linked below. Head over to Norm’s blog from here!

Classical Gasbag

It has been about three months since the last N-N-1. Rather that let it fade in to a mere memory we’re doing it again. One of the things that I love about N-N-1 is how people from different parts of the world connect electronically to share brief moments of their life. We see differences and recognize similarities. To me, it shows once again that while there are billions of people in the world, humanity is a singular noun.

The first participant is Pins n Ashes.


I was at one of my favourite restaurants, lunching with friends enjoying one of my favourite meals. Poori masala as we call it.

Next is Her Royal Highness Princess Butter with a picture and story dear to hearts of many Princesses. Oh, and thanks to the Princess we now call this process N-N-1 rather than just sticking in numbers that change with the number…

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The Hundie

This is my 100th post. One Hundie. One Hyundai(I drive an Elantra. I digress). It is a big number. I don’t even want to look at my old posts because I may cringe. And I may cringe with the current posts when I write my 200th.

I am going to note down the 5 things, in no particular order, that I have learnt since I started blogging.

1. You may find friends in unknown places. Like blogs. They are much, much better than having 1000 people on Facebook.

2. People may say they don’t care about what others say. But everyone yearns for appreciation. And secretly salivates for it. I am guilty. Appreciation is my drug. So keep saying nice things to me. 😀

3. Blogging about what I feel is like an overnight pimple reducing cream. It momentarily heals it. But it can’t stop the next zit. But heals it when it pops up.

4. Reading blogs motivates me to write better and to expand my 10 cubic cm by volume brain. Also, I like to read about other’s lives. Does that make me a perv?

5. I have realized I am not a feminist, but an equalist. It makes me mad when I read about men’s self-entitlement habits. But it also makes me mad when I read people jumping on men straight up and pretending that women can do no wrong, except if the woman is a mother in law. A change in mindset is needed by both sides. Don’t just rebel for the heck of it.


In other news, the parents have moved into ‘our’ home. It finally was all ready and we got the possession. They are extremely happy and I can’t wait to go home! They have sent me pictures of my name on the letterbox, in the lobby and on the front door. I want to get the last one taken off and just put the last name. The doggie has been taught to use the plants in the balcony for any pee related activities since we had a large backyard at the previous place and he will miss that. Taking him up and down the four floors, even with lifts would be inconvenient. He has always been so good about his bathroom habits that he hates when he has accidents.

We will miss our koyals, sparrows, kingfishers, bharadwajs, squirrels, goats(don’t ask) so much. House sparrows have started coming into the home, so it feels nice. Mom has found a female doggie in the complex called ‘Champi’ that gave birth to 3 pups few days back. We plan to get all spayed in the coming months. So all is okay in the world. We have our fauna.