Ek baras…

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Jab tumhare saath khulke hasti thi,
Tumhari baatein sunkar,
Dil se muskurati thi.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Gungune ehsaas ko mehsoos karti thi,
Jab tum mujhe pukarte the,
Bas tumhari awaaz main sunti thi.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Tumhare haath se niwale leti thi,
Hamare liye laye gaye,
Har chocolate ke liye ladti thi.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Tumhari yaad se jude har tukde ko,
Uss ‘box of memories’ mein ja chupe,
Tumhare har ansh ko.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Aaram se jab jeeti thi,
Jab mere din chain se kat te the,
Tumhare aas paas hi main rehti thi.


The late goodbye?

If this year was a day,
I am looking at noon,
The morning flew by,
Now waiting for the moon.

Turning to look around,
Glancing over my shoulder,
Still looking out for you,
As the wait gets colder,

I can feel you around,
Holding my fingers,
It has been 8 months,
But the last touch still lingers.

Time to move on,
To me everybody says,
But the longing is still constant,
And not just in waves.

As I prepare for dusk,
And eventually the night,
I believe you are my darkness,
But also the happy light.

I know eventually to this road,
There will be an end,
But let me accompany your memories,
At least till the next bend.

I know it is a thing of the past,
I cannot anymore lie,
But I am still holding onto it,
Preparing for the late goodbye.