A tail of sensory delights…

It would have been Moony’s 17th birthday. It has been 2 years since he has passed on and has been gamboling at the rainbow bridge in a pile of chicken, boiled eggs and sukhi bhel(an Indian snack that he would relish with mom every evening). But the chasm that Moony has left behind  will not be filled easily. I would like a furry sister or brother to come into our lives, but as of now we aren’t ready. A gazillion amazing things have been spoken about how amazing dogs are and how they enrich our lives and every bit is 110% true. But while driving, and reminiscing about my days with Moony, I thought of how he regaled every sense of mine. I thought of how dogs excite, amuse, confuse and delight every human sense. Every pet owner will be able to relate to this, I am sure!
1. Sight : If you haven’t felt a warm gush in your heart at the sight of a dog’s big brown eyes and sloppy, drooly smile, you, my friend, are made of stone. They bring such happiness by just existing in front of your eyes. Have you noticed how warm a dog’s big beautiful eyes are when they are looking at you with all the love their little bodies could hold and quivering from head to tip of the tail for a hug? Have you seen how naughty those same eyes look when your dog has spotted a squirrel and sensed a slack in the leash? I feel giddy just remembering how happy the sight of my dog’s fan-like wagging tail would make me after a long day. The blackberry eyes, the giant smile, that big tummy!
2. Touch : Trust me when I say that no fabric in the world is softer than a new puppy’s pink tummy. No velvet is smoother than running your fingers over a dog’s floppy ears. I used to love patting my dogs legs, right between his thigh and his tummy and even keep my palm there to take in all his warmth. Absolutely nothing beats pulling your dog close to your body like a giant teddy bear at night and just nuzzling into his fur, not even a better half! I miss running my fingers over his temples, on his cheeks, tummy, just about everywhere. His big doggy hug would end every stress and worry right there and soothe me. The softness and the warmth was unbeatable.
3. Smell : Dear dog owners, please tell me that I am not the only weirdo who totally loves the odd smell of a dog’s paws! Moony’s feet used to have this funny smell of corn chips mixed with old cooked rice, I have no idea why! He would invariably push his paws on my face when deep in sleep. I would still hold him close and take in that part atrocious, part mesmerizing scent. Aah, how can I forget the stink of his ears when we would clean them. Even his mouth smelled like a fishbowl for some odd reason. Such a jumble of weird smells they are, but so lovable!
4. Taste : If you are living with a dog, and haven’t casually ingested enough of it’s hair to have a hairball in your stomach by now, you are doing it wrong. The hair finds its way into your stomach however hard you try. After picking it off everything, I learnt to just roll with it. It was on my clothes, in my bags, every rug, sweater, hairbrush, and floating around in the kitchen. And, also, kisses are a big source. 😀
5. Hearing : The cutest part of bringing home a puppy are the adorable sounds it makes. Those little grunts, snores, burps, squeaks, toots become such an indispensable part of your life. Agreed there were times when I have thrown a pillow at Moony to shut his barks at the invisible monster, but then he would throw in a squeaky whimper and all would be forgotten. And then he would start barking again. Trust me, dogs talk to you, and you only have to respond back anyhow you like, and watch them go at it.
I miss every bit of Moony and what he would do to my heart. I miss all the love he held for me and his various moods and his king-size personality. I miss the effects his sight, touch, smell, taste and voice had on me and how soothing that all was. All of you who have a furry friend to go back to, go give your dog a biiiiiggggg hug and tell them PB loves them.
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Right here, right now

Right now….

…I am singing “I’m so fancy” by IGGY. Only the ‘im so fancy’ part though. It is very Princessy-Buttery.

“I’m so fancy,
You already know,
M in the fast lane,
From LA to Tokyo.
I’m so fancy,
Cant you taste this gold,
Remember my name,
Bout to blowwwwwww”

…Looking at RJ’s Performance Curve Generator for our line of pumps and putting in the required numbers. He is too good at Excel. It makes me feel ashamed of my Excel skills. In case you are wondering, they are negligible. I prefer paper, pen, calculator. But I can do the Macros. *Pat on my back*

…Looking at my compact mirror, every 10 minutes and cringing at the concealed blemishes and acne. L But I am liking my new pink blush and pink lip crayon. I feel prettier and all pinky.

…I am popping chocolates into my mouth like nobody’s business. Word has spread around office that I am a chocoholic and they all get dumped on me. Especially by people who are going on diets and have boxes. Ya right! Screw up my figure to get yours back on track! Jerks.

…Staring at my cute li’l badge that *ahem* motivates the team.


…Thinking about the Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday. It feels nice to have a galfriend Ahn, who says she wants me to go with her to her own new BF’s party. The guy used to work with us as a Design Engr, and left for a better offer, I think after a month of her joining.

…Thinking of starting a research paper on how to improve centrifugal impellers. I cannot give away my secret method though, on a public forum. =) Company policies, you see.

…Planning how to and where to watch the asteroid shower on May 24th-25th. I need to go a li’l further from light pollution at night, which is hard in the OC and LA region. I need company since it will be after midnight. I have asked Shawn and his GF, if they are interested and are in town. I don’t want a guy friend alone because it sounds very cheesy and romantic. I don’t mind being the third wheel though.

…One of my good friends from the company got laid off, after a few others since last couple of weeks. It has made me very sad and very stressed. 😦