Procrastination, much?

Ugghhh…I hate this situation. I dont know how I ALWAYS push myself to this. I have to show a presentation to my thesis adviser tomorrow, and I have barely anything done. And this is coming from me who had great plans of doing her thesis defense by april…BLAHHH
My laziness is going to kill it for me. I know it. But do I do anything about it? Hell, no! I dont get whats wrong with me. Why cant I just haul my ass up and finish my tasks on time. There are so many times that I am stuck under truck loads of work just cuz I kept delaying it. My studies, my papers, my presentations, my homeworks. and so, when there is a truck load of stuff on my head, I want to just be done with it and stop caring about my grades. So bad…boo….
I want to yell a little more at myself, but better get back to work with this damned presentation.