Travelogue : Portlandia adventures

Hola Amigos!

I am sitting at work, with my legs on the voltage regulator/emergency power thingy. They feel like lead! I have a terrible vacation hangover and I need a vacation to recover from the vacation.

I went to the gorgeous city of Portland in Oregon, nestled midst the lush greenery of American north west. I cannot describe how pretty the place was. As some of you might be aware, California is in an extreme drought season because of very low rains in the last 3 years. So it is quite brown and dry and the recent forest fires have made it even worse and scary. So landing at the Portland airport was such a fresh green experience. There were really tall, green trees all around. Mini forests surrounded us all over. We even got bone drenched in rain in our mile and half walk to the hotel from the bus stop! Our very first hour in town on Saturday. Is that how Portland welcomes Californians? We will never know! 😀

On Sunday morning, we rented bikes for 24 hours and did a nice ride along the waterfront. We did our own brewery tour and went to many, many microbrewery tours in downtown and the South-East. I stuck to tasters throughout and got the max bang out of my buck without getting drunk. I had no intention of riding a bike drunk on the narrow streets. The breweries in Portland are very famous for their quirky flavors. Since I do not like stouts or pale ales or anything dark and bitter, I stuck to my fruities and florals and a little bit of citrus and coffee here and there.




So much beer, so little time….

On Monday, we rented a car and went to the very famous Multnomah falls. They were so so so beautiful! The area was so lush, breezy and the light spray of water in the air felt so refreshing, I cannot even describe. We did a nice hike up the mountain to get to the top of the falls. That was something! We reached the river which feeds the falls. The water was icy cold but I loved splashing my feet about. There was a Labrador Retriever there playing fetch with his human. He was running, splashing, swimming to get his wooden branch or whatever that was. It was adorable!






On Tuesday, we finally got to have Voodoo doughnuts, which is a must stop shop for visitors. The doughnuts there are beyond divinity! Usually the wait in line is almost an hour, but I planned on going there on Tuesday morning when most tourists would have left. So we had to wait just over 5 minutes.



Another highly recommended place would be Salt and Straw ice cream. I am out of words to describe my flavors. Almond brittle with salt caramel and a scoop of honey lavender. Sheer genius, whoever came up with the lavender flavor.

My legs refuse to move sort of and my butt hurts beyond words from all the cycling and hiking, but so worth it!

One cool thing about Portland is there is no sales tax! Aaand, there is a huge bookstore called Powell’s. It is like Crosswords X 3 and has 3-4 levels and a basement. I bought 3 Lord of the rings used books for around $15. Not bad at all.

The city is famous for bikes. Half of the roads, however narrow they are, are reserved for trams and bikes. It is extremely safe to ride about town because bikers have the right of way throughout. I highly suggest renting bikes rather than cars. They have bikes with carriages and child seats as well.

The most important thing about the trip was, I got to get out and do something! My last trip was to Atlanta to see Moo, and I hadn’t done anything after that. If I don’t do anything and don’t get out, I start getting anxious. So it was a welcome break from the trappings of the routine. But I have to admit, I missed the xBF a lot. I was thinking about him all the time. What he would have done, what he would have eaten, how he would have been the control freak to plan everything and would have lead us everywhere. Me and Abhi and all would have just played ‘follow the leader’ blindly with him in charge. I couldn’t help missing him while cycling, at the falls, while dining or drinking. Anyhoo….

If you are planning on a Portland trip, get in touch. I will tell you about the places in much more detail and the do’s and don’ts.