Power of positive thinking?

A couple of years back, my roommate and BFF, Moni told me how she had read The Secret and vouched for the book. she said she read it and started implementing the book. she told me about her experiences that she really really hoped and wished for something and that actually happened. My dad also talks about this hindi book called “Sakaratmak Soch” that uses the same line of thought.

Frankly, although a fan of reading, I dont read non-fiction much. A friend of mine made me watch the movie during my initial time in San Diego. It inspired me a lot and I decided to implement it by sending out positive thoughts. To say it is super hard, is an understatement. I am extremely cynical by nature. I tend to doubt and double think about everything. Although not necessarily a pessimist, I am not a completely optimistic person. So I cannot really say if The Secret works or not because I have not applied it well enough. ­čśŤ

But now, the time has come. I have been waiting for something that I want badly. There are so many hurdles on the way. Everyday I get a new doubt and a new sense of worry. The stress is killing me. So, I have decided that I am going to apply that thought. Lets see. Time to apply The Secret.