Take care.

We fight, we hold grudges, we give power to our egos to control us. We get angry on the most trivial things, we say hurtful things, we forget to leash our tongues.
We get busy, we forget to call, we forget to let them know how we are. We forget to ask how they are.
It just doesn’t matter.
My best friend Shib’s father passed away on the 15th.
Life is so fickle. Smile every moment, tell them you love them. Call them, text them, hug them. You can’t do much, but at least let’s not do the least.



My papa, the strong active man I always see, is in the recovery room of a hospital. He just got out of surgery.

He had a fall at home and ended up with a fractured hip that has been put together with a few screws. The doctor says his prognosis looks good and recovery should be quick and alright. He will be walking with a walker and then a cane for a couple of months before he can walk normally on his own.

It throws a lot of questions and emotions right on my face again and there will be no end to it.

Anyways, I hope he heals really soon and is back on his feet again.