Being a vegetarian sucks…

  1. You are always being told to simply order salad at a restaurant of everybody else’s choice. You hate salad. Specially when it costs $15.
  2. You are ridiculed and called a goat at every opportunity. So you decide that goat is simply G.O.A.T.(Greatest of all time).
  3. When one of your favorite vegetarian appetizers arrives with like, 8 pieces of Paneer, each of your friend goes for it, “Lemme just taste one!” and you get ONE friggin’ piece at the end. You know who you are! 😉
  4. People constantly tell you to eat whatever and “just take the meat off”. Right.
  5. Somehow people expect you to be healthy and with a beautifully high metabolism, but you so goddamn aren’t!
  6. People wave their finger at you to tell that you are a plant murderer. Not sure about plants, but I will murder you, Shib.
  7. You don’t want to kiss your boo after he chomps down on a bird, but you so want to kiss the hell out, and the eternal conflict destroys you. Sheesh.
  8. Office lunches turn into a battleground with meat eaters throwing questions at you while you just want to take a breather and finish your pizza.
  9. You wonder why do you still have a 2nd trimester-like belly after working out so much, while downing that glorious garlic bread and ricotta lasagna.
  10. You are too shy to say no to splitting the check when peeps got lobster risottos and you had plain pasta, with them eating most of your appetizer anyways! Sure you remember this, SP!

Hey, but my soul is still whole. 😉



Of decisions and some more decisions…

Decisions to be taken soon….

(Once again, the spelling of ‘decision’ made me pause for a minute…Siggghhhh….)

1. Future with Mr. BF.
2. How to start packing to move to the new PG accommodation.
3. What to pack to the new PG accommodation.
4. Which dresser to buy.
5. Using an opening of 1.6 mm or to close it down to 1 mm in a 400 specific speed impeller.
6. Whether to buy pants or more tops for work.
7. To buy a coral lipgloss(a la Mehak’s Revlon Papaya from Peaches and Blush) or a pink one like Melissa wears.
8. To figure out if I am yellow or pink toned and what bloody MAC shade I am.
9. Which TV to get to send home for the new flat in Pune.
10. To wait for Xoom’s exchange rate to increase or to take the risk and send money home now.
11. To figure out how to increase my vegetarian protein diet and what to tell my boss Mr. Chalmers when he worries that my workouts will kill me(Cute 70 yr old Canadian he is! Perfect Santa Claus!).
12. To use the Victoria’s Secret coupon booklet or not. It pinches me to spend $50 to get a $10 off, I become very unsure about screaming ‘Yayyyyy’ or not.
13. To cut my nails before work(at 7 am?!?) or after(after sundown?!?). Well, I am superstitious!(*Hangs head down in shame*)
14. To put a sexy siren nail paint or a demure girly shade.
15. To get a car wash on a Friday(but it will get dirty over the weekend) or on Monday(Monday, bleaaarrggghh!).