Why I need to get married-by my mom

The reasons my mother wants me to get married:

1. We are a family of 3 people and I am the only daughter. I am the youngest cousin on my mom’s side. We have only given gifts to everyone till now for thread ceremonies/engagements/marriages, etc. It is about time we receive some gifts. Well, atleast she is honest about it. 😛

2. She has been attending marriages and she says she has been craving for the rituals to happen in our household too.

3. The woman loves food, and the wedding food especially. She has been going on and on, about how she will eat in my wedding. (She went to the temple the other day for Gajanan Maharaj’s appearance day, and the only thing she described to us was the food served. In eloquent details.)

4. She is just looking for reasons to shop and get new sarees and jewelry.

5. She wants guests to visit us and see our new apartment after they move there in May-June.

On a side note, my parents expressed their strong desires to go and see ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’. They really want to watch that movie. Go figure.