Right here, right now

Right now….

…I am singing “I’m so fancy” by IGGY. Only the ‘im so fancy’ part though. It is very Princessy-Buttery.

“I’m so fancy,
You already know,
M in the fast lane,
From LA to Tokyo.
I’m so fancy,
Cant you taste this gold,
Remember my name,
Bout to blowwwwwww”

…Looking at RJ’s Performance Curve Generator for our line of pumps and putting in the required numbers. He is too good at Excel. It makes me feel ashamed of my Excel skills. In case you are wondering, they are negligible. I prefer paper, pen, calculator. But I can do the Macros. *Pat on my back*

…Looking at my compact mirror, every 10 minutes and cringing at the concealed blemishes and acne. L But I am liking my new pink blush and pink lip crayon. I feel prettier and all pinky.

…I am popping chocolates into my mouth like nobody’s business. Word has spread around office that I am a chocoholic and they all get dumped on me. Especially by people who are going on diets and have boxes. Ya right! Screw up my figure to get yours back on track! Jerks.

…Staring at my cute li’l badge that *ahem* motivates the team.


…Thinking about the Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday. It feels nice to have a galfriend Ahn, who says she wants me to go with her to her own new BF’s party. The guy used to work with us as a Design Engr, and left for a better offer, I think after a month of her joining.

…Thinking of starting a research paper on how to improve centrifugal impellers. I cannot give away my secret method though, on a public forum. =) Company policies, you see.

…Planning how to and where to watch the asteroid shower on May 24th-25th. I need to go a li’l further from light pollution at night, which is hard in the OC and LA region. I need company since it will be after midnight. I have asked Shawn and his GF, if they are interested and are in town. I don’t want a guy friend alone because it sounds very cheesy and romantic. I don’t mind being the third wheel though.

…One of my good friends from the company got laid off, after a few others since last couple of weeks. It has made me very sad and very stressed. 😦