To remind myself…

I am going to look at this picture everytime darkness hits me and I feel that my existence is pointless.

For that moment, I was her world.

(Picture taken in Mexico, at the sister shelter of my dog rescue organization. These 10 really young puppies got dumped there right in front of us. They have been rescued and rehomed.)


Sitcom sadness

*HIMYM spoiler alert*

I am a sad bunny today. Last night I saw the final episode of How I Met Your Mother.

I had been abusing the show since last two-three seasons for copying so many things from Friends, and repeating their own story tracks from the previous seasons. Lily was becoming excruciatingly annoying, Ted was super whiny, and Barney was just not that funny anymore.

Yet, when it ended, I felt tears rush down my cheeks while watching the last episode.

Much has been said and written about how it was a good/bad ending. So many people are really mad at the way it ended and so many people have loved the way it ended. I think I was too emotional to completely realize if I liked it or not. So, I saw it again. *facepalm*

I think it was a good ending. Barney and Robin got married, but Robin loved her career as much as she loved her husband. But sadly, Love-0, Practicality-1. Barney went back to being his own womanizer self, but that changed as soon as he looked into the eyes of his baby girl. The daddy switch flipped on and there was a whole new side of him. Lily and Marshall were just the way they were expected to be. Adding another member to their family and raising their brood together while Marshall got the job he had always dreamed about. Ted found the love of his life. I don’t agree that he settled for her instead of Robin. Tracie was his true love after all, and they spent an amazing time together with their li’l ones. After she died, he hung around with her memories. Finally, after 6 years, he started thinking about that one girl again. That one girl, who was his soulmate. Robin. So, he started telling his kids about his and Tracie’s story and began it with robin because she is the one on his mind. All this while, Robin had drifted apart from the gang because again, Love-0, Practicality-2. The highly practical woman that she was, she realized soon enough that with an ex-husband and a guy-who-could-have-been-the-one, she would not be in the same place again as she was when she met that bunch. Clearly, her career took her places, just as she always wanted. She had a wonderful time excelling at her job, but came back at every important moment for her friends. Finally, she also got her true soulmate, Ted. The crazy dog lady got her career, and her man, at the ideal points of her life. It was a perfect ending for everyone.

So, why am I sad? Because I started watching the show during my Engg in Lonavala hostel. After that, I used to watch this how with the xBF. We would sit and watch this together every Monday night. After I moved to OC, we would watch it separately and then get mad at it together after the episode. It feels like the end of an era. It was around a long time, since I was a young girl in my late teens, just starting college and it ended when I am in my mid-late twenties and going through what Robin must have felt while choosing her career and seeing that guy-who-could-have-been-the-one. The stupid episode made me very senti’mental’ but left a little flickering hope in my heart.

Things do work out eventually.