Eye-lash, sigh-lash

 I think I am losing my eye lashes.

I am using this supremely annoying mascara right now, by Benefit. It is not waterproof, but damn hard to remove. I have to use olive oil to wipe it off, but in the process, I am seeing like 3-4 lashes daily on my cotton pad.

I am not even sure if I can make a wish out of mascara-olive-oil-torn-lashes. I should perhaps stop using it.

I have a paranoia about losing my eye lashes. Not that they are super pretty or something. They are just there. Eyelashes. Existing. 😀

But it would be so weird if all of them fall out. Sometimes I scratch my eye and 3-4 lashes come off. It makes me so sad to see nice grown lashes fall off.

I love rubbing my eyes irrespective of them being itchy or not. It feels unimaginably good! But it is so scary that I have to remind myself to stop for I fear that all my eyelashes will fall off. I remember the xBF would rub his eyes really hard for like 10 min. It would look so harsh like he was scrubbing a harshly burnt pan or something. I would get terrified and scream at him to stop. But he just wouldn’t listen and would continue with his eye rubbing. Finally, I had to pry his hands away from his eyes. Each and every time!

I love how some girls have the perfect curled eyelashes. It is do-able with a curler, only if it did not look like a medieval torture device. The worst is, most boys I know have such long, lush, dark lashes. I mean, what is the point! They don’t even need it. I would gladly exchange.

Sighhh. I cant believe I wrote so many sentences on eyelashes. I feel stupid now. It proves how bored I am today. Just ignore this post.