Of lou and cheese…;)

I have a ridiculous cheesy romantic streak in me. There was a point when I was in love with Twilight( Yeah, those days are gone). But even now that one part gives me the fuzzy knees, where Edward is trying to control his attraction to Bella because of his thirst for her blood….

So here it goes….

My forbidden fruit…..

Your soul is the one thing in the world,
I want to touch, I want to feel,
I know it will give my heart,
A deep wound that’ll never heal.

Touching me with just your presence,
You are my forbidden fruit,
The very thought of wanting you,
Hits me with strength so brute.

Your gazes are like fire,
Burning me with passionate might,
But how do they soothe me at the same time,
Like stars twinkling in a velvety night.

Impatience of passion,unbridled,
Is this what they call this?
When I just want to seal our hearts,
Together with a flaming kiss.