Golf tournament in short

What a crazy crazy week.

Last Thursday, I had a customer demonstration where around 160 people descended upon our holy grounds to witness the greatest phenomenon on earth happening. Running of my Marine pump. I kid, I kid. The second greatest after the team presentation. I think I walked 5 km easily between the test stand and the copier trying to get all the test curves and brochures and everything else ready. It was so friggin’ tiring. But it went well, and our pump is a big hit. They are eagerly waiting for the entire range to start testing and getting sold.

Friday was beyond fun! We were all looking so dapper in our bright blue nike golf shirts! I had specially bought new dark aviators from H&M for the golf tournament. Yes, I was aware I was not going to play, and yes, I am shallow that way. 😛 We put on the radio on full blast and the 12 of us made our way to the golf course an hour away in our rental van. The partying had begun with a Black Label and Captain Morgan right in the van itself. Within a couple of hours, we all were set and the buses with already pretty high customers/vendors/marketing guys arrived. After their registration and goodie bag gifting was done, we kicked off the tournament. And then the fun began! I was supposed to be sitting in a canopy at hole 14 with Mr. Cruz, handing out the drink tickets if needed. I was there for like, 6 seconds to drop off the music speakers. Poor Mr. Cruz, sat there all alone the entire day, without complaint, while the 8 of us in 4 golf carts kept coursing through out the golf course. There were many glasses of vodka and pineapple-cranberry juice involved and it all ended with me laughing hysterically whenever anyone said ‘avocado’. Also, it involved me caressing a Gopher snake with love. Mikey caught it to put it across the road to save it and I almost cried thinking he is annoying the snake. So I purred to it while patting it, that it will be all okay. Things people do when they are drunk, tch tch.
The group that won the game was a Canadian super loud group with ONE good golfer rest all scratches. There was some very suspicious scoring going on after all the boozing! I bear witness to that! 😉 We spent 10 min at the driving range. I have done that a couple of times before and I am not too shabby. Although I like mini golf more. It is cuter.

So, there is my update for the last week. It isn’t very detailed, only because it’s such a whirr of haze in my head and I don’t know what to write!

*Post no. 50. Yay!*


Busy, busy week

So many things happening this week! We have a major customer appreciation event on Thursday and golf event on Friday where I am going to be *tadaaaa* ‘the photographer’s assistant’. I am going to do the most important task of printing pictures and putting them in frames. There shall be legit boozing involved. On Thursday we will have a show and tell and demo of our new pumps that I have designed. There will be many presentations from my R&D group.

As soon as I learned of this event, my first thought was ‘Gotta shampoo on Wednesday night, and flat iron hair on Thursday’.

Good to know, my priorities are all sorted out.


Pressure of performance

Overheard this conversation from the Boss’s cabin. My cubicle is next to him. My Boss is a 74 year old adorable Canadian-American, who takes good care of me. He says I am like a little girl and it is like having his grand daughter around. 😀
He hired a new Project Engineer for our R&D team, and he is an Indian. He is from my boss’s previous company and that is where I had interviewed first with ze boss.

My boss to the new Indian guy at work : “Oh, you have met PB before, she is really good, blah blah blah…”

Indian guy : “ Oh, that is good to know”

Boss *Chuckling* : She is quite cheeky, has a great sense of humor. Makes everyone laugh all the time.”

Indian guy : *Smiling politely*

After a while,

Indian guy : “Hey, how are you? Good to see you again!”

Me : “I am good! Congrats on the new job, and welcome aboard!”