My skirt is not your license, pervert.

For some or the other reason, this has been going on in my head since around 2 weeks about men, whether in India or abroad. And to top it, I read few very interesting tweets on my Twitter feed.

I suppose everybody has read about TOI and Deepika Padukone’s tiff here. For the uninitiated, I have done a blog post on how embarrassing and crude Times of India is and how I would rather call it the Trash of India. So, it usually publishes very news worthy articles on the home page of their website like ‘Top 10 s*x scenes’, ‘Top 10 heroines with good b*tts’ and other very socially relevant articles. Occasionally, actually usually, you will find illuminating videos like ‘OMG, look at her wardrobe malfunction’ or ‘OMG, look at her pa*ty show’ and ‘OMG, look at her cle*vage’ which has what happened this time where the subject was Deepika Padukone, a very famous Indian film heroine. It was accompanied by a very shady pixelated image/video, I am not totally sure what, because I refuse to give click/view to that trash. But this time Deepika, lashed back at them where she decided to educate them about the existence of her female anatomy. TOI thought it was cheeky and cute to reply back saying how that was a compliment and everybody should see her, ahem, beauty. *Goes and bangs head on the wall*

Next we have the La-Di-Dah Shobhaa De’s article on NDTV webpage. For a recap, she had said after Deepika’s launch that she was very ‘verni’ and looked like someone who wouldn’t win ‘even’ a Dombivali Beauty Contest. I have been wondering why Dombivali? My best friend/rakhi brother who lives in San Diego is from Dombivali and he is one of the most good looking guys I know(Do not turn into an air head if you read this!). And why Verni? Just because Ms De happens to be from an elite part of Bombay? I am from Pune Kothrud, and I totally qualify to be called as Verni by every Tom, Dick and Harry from Koregaon Park or Kalyani Nagar. I have failed to understand the point of her article, like most of her articles. I am neutral towards Deepika Padukone, just to make things clear.

I do not understand this woman. NDTV says she is an authority on Indian pop culture. Yes she is. Because her article bang on describes the Indian patriarchal mentality. It further re-iterates the fact that a woman is responsible if someone leches at her, oh no no, compliments her body. Her view is exactly the view of a streetside romeo who goes on a hooting spree when a girl’s dupatta is slipping, a lady’s blouse is showing her strap or a woman walks out wearing a pair of shorts. According to Ms De, Deepika has put on display most parts of her body to the public. She has dressed up in risqué outfits and has done bold photo-shoots. She has a toned body and wears clothes that flaunt it. The low back dress, Ms De talks about, Deepika has been there and done that. Does that make it right to point and leer at her body in a National Daily like a hooligan in a bus? You know how she sounds to me? Like one of those moral-policing culture gurus who say that if a girl doesn’t want to be raped, she should cover herself. There are some people who have said that she is a high flying celebrity, she should be okay with pictures of her cleavage and she is creating a fuss about respect and empowerment. Really? Like, really?? I am pretty sure, a celebrity or a regular woman who loves wearing her gowns and skirts and dresses and cholis will find it very insulting when a picture of her is taken and it is zoomed onto her br*asts or b*tt. I think it is a federal crime(yeah, right!) when such pictures are circulated and leered at by politicians in the parliament, high school boys in the restroom, men in offices at water coolers, and by the pseudo journalists.

I am pretty sick and tired of being told not to travel in a general compartment in the trains because men will pinch my behind. I hate being told not to wear low waist jeans because the back benchers will stare. It frustrates me being asked to not wear a square neck or V-neck because it will attract attention. It is quite obvious that I have br*asts and I wear a b*a. So should you stare at my strap like an animal staring at its prey? I know you have a d*ck, does it mean I stare fixedly while you(all the freakin’ time) scratch it? Take your eyes off my body. Don’t dare call it a natural instinct. My natural instinct is to gouge your eyes out and hand them to you. And for heaven’s sake, TOI, stop feeding this crap to the public as entertainment news. We have enough people on the streets who go OMG and whistle if I walk down in a salwar/saree/skirt. I don’t need a National Newspaper doing the same exact thing.

Lay off!

20 thoughts on “My skirt is not your license, pervert.

  1. In Iraq and and few other countries if the police catch a girl wearing a short skirt they paint her legs right on the street to humiliate her.We have beautiful beaches in Iraq but you don’t see any swimmers but males.The Islamist societies like Saudi Arabia consider woman’s body as a taboo ,,an illicit to show any part of her body except her eyes,women wear black outfits from head to toes ,even l saw Muslim women in London wearing this unusual clothes . Imagine wearing such outfits in 107 degree hot summer in Iraq.


    • Hello there. I am aware of the situation there.
      I dont comment on the burkha or hijab because it is a woman’s desire to cover up or reveal. As long as she wants to do it according to her comfort, it is absolutely okay. But the moment someone tells her to do it against her wishes, that is a problem in my eyes. But humiliating or torturing a woman for wearing, doing or believing in what she wants, is wrong on so many levels.


  2. Media has lost its importance. All they publish is utter nonsense and gossip. Only few articles are worth reading and very rarely you will come across such news. TOI needs a bunch of good worthy journalists who can uncover real deal rather sleazy gossipers. Its a shame that educated people have cheap thinking


    • Very true. Sensationalism is on such a high. It had pissed me off the way media handled Shweta Prasad’s case. It filled me with so much anger that they named and blamed the girl instead of shaming the businessmen as well.


    • She does have an active PR. But my main gripe is with Shobhaa De’s whacko article. Acc to her article, I guess since Sunny was an adult film star, it is okay to take her pics while she is at her home and splash over the internet.


  3. What I believe is.. even if anyone runs around naked, no one has the right to make a big deal about it.. Period. Because even if one goes around clad in a burqa there ought to be comments about it too.. DP may have reacted a tad to much, but there shouldn’t have been a headline saying “Deepika’s cleavage show” and all.. I also want to know how Mrs De will react if the headline went like this “shobha de’s wrinkle show”.. I don’t like that woman! :/

    This was a great post, pb.. good one!


    • She is usually pretty stony and doesnt react to anything. I find her very cold waise. But atleast she reacted to the right thing when she did.
      The thing that touched my nerve was Shobhaa De. The article made my blood boil.


  4. Yes,TOI is full of crap. The articles they publish are ridic. All in the name of lifestyle!! Ughh. Why can’t they emulate CNN or nytimes lifestyle topics?
    That said, shobhaa de ‘s columns and blog are usually crap too. What point is she trying to make here?? I read it once, didn’t bother reading it twice and closed it as classic shobhaa crap.


  5. Most of boys also feel the same; 4 years ago i realized that girls should not be stared at, this makes them uncomfortable. So now, Whenever I see a girl coming from distance; I make the focus of my eyes extremely straight and don’t even see the face of girl ( Leave aside the body). So you can say, I am very much innocent at least in this case…

    But not everyone has same extent of sensitivity for girls. Scientists say ki Every male spice on earth stares and follows female. So if you assume MEN to be a Male, it is perfectly natural and comes effortlessly. So if girls are revealing their body, only Unnatural males ( Like me) won’t stare.
    Still i agree that girls should be allowed to wear what they want.. But unwanted male attention is just a side effect and will persist as long as you are attractive!!! Waiting for your kind thoughts to PROVE ME WRONG.


    • Hi Raman, i have mentioned earlier that I live in the US currently. If I am walking on the road and a guy comes across, he will keep walking but if he looks at me, will smile and/or say hi. Honestly, that puts girls at ease. I have never ever felt uncomfortable here by a guy’s gaze. I am not comparing US and India, just putting across what I have experienced with regards to boys.
      Male attention is not equal to lecherous behavior. There is attention from both sexes to both sexes. But there is a line to it on the right side of which falls natural attraction. That line gets crossed everyday in the public. The healthy natural attention turns into non stop staring, undressing with eyes sort of behavior. That is where the problem lies.


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