Those olympic sized dreams…

Bravo, Sindhu, bravo!
You have made an entire country proud of your achievement. We were backing you up after the news flash that you have entered the finals of the Rio Olympics badminton championship. You aimed for the Gold of course, but you were very gracious and accepting about the Silver. You showed true sportsperson spirit after you won the Semis and you were even better when the Spanish star clinched the title. You had formidable opponents and you played your heart out. That’s what that matters.

Way to go, Dipika!
The vault jump was absolutely phenomenal. I was actively reading up articles about you because a few months back I was told by an American friend of mine that India is sending a female gymnast for the first time to Olympics this year. I had no idea about that and it was very interesting to read about you after that. People who genuinely follow sports all over the world, know about you girl! You can definitely win big the next time. You have got it in you.

What a performance, Sakshi!
The fact that you did not give up until the very last second of the game, makes you a huge inspiration. You have motivated me to apply that philosophy in my life. I don’t want to be negative anymore, assuming the worst for me. I want to give my very best till the second is up and then mull on the outcome. Not before that. You are truly a rockstar!

As for the country that you girls represented, I am sorry that we are letting you ladies down. We need to fight to make sure that the world knows which state you belong to. We want to make sure, you belong to dome definite caste so we can turn you into a posterchild. We want to one up each other in announcing cash awards to win accolades for ourselves, and not because we want to truly ensure that you continue with your training and the best you deserve for dedicating your lives, your bodies and your youth to your sports career for this country.

We want to turn you into memes to pull down movie stars acting in a movie about your sport and some page 3 socialite who has proven herself to be a pretentious non thinker time and again. But we will display extreme sexism, to counter such sexism. Also, you must repeat or better your performances, or we may just tear you down like the other Badminton star who, we have conveniently forgotten, did set a record too. We are hypocrites of the highest order, yes we are! We will call out and pull down everyone who admits honestly about not knowing anything about you all earlier. We forget that not everyone is interested in sports. We will refuse to believe that sometimes, we do need the media to report your achievements in the same vein as other popular sports.

We will make sure that the best of our kin get to travel to Rio, and now next year to Japan, to go to Foren trips as one of the Indian contingents and to supposedly help you. We need to send our beloved niece Rimmi so she can shop for Pammi aunty. Our sweet Kanna can write numbers, so he can go to lower down Mannu uncle’s blood pressure about his son’s abysmal career. We can make it work. Just like we can make Combiflam work to treat everything from tooth ache to aching joints and dehydrated muscles. Combiflam is the new Sanjeevni.

We need to prove it to the world that N. R. Narayan Murthy is right. We do have the highest ego per unit of achievement, even if it’s being a minister to ‘serve’ the country. We don’t care that the world is watching us. If we want to be in to get the plushest seats, we will damn sure get those plush seats. These Rio people should also know that we are nothing but politicians/leaders of the largest democracy in the world! How dare they not let us get in! How dare they ask for IDs or permits or whatever the heck they want? Don’t they know who we are?

But we will try to be better. We will try to combat the issues plaguing our country. We will work hard to make sure, that when you achieve something for yourself, we deserve to have you achieve something for us. We will work hard, to make sure that you aren’t embarrassed to represent us. We will take care that you will want to get us that glory and that you can get that glory.

We will work hard, to deserve you.


Mars vs Venus

Gender equality is the buzzword these days along with ‘startups’, ‘feminism’, ‘global-warming’ and ‘crossfit’. One word does not belong in that group and I am aware of that. Many women that I get to speak to in real life and the blogging world have suffered directly or indirectly because of the gender bias or inequality as a result of that bias. We cannot shy away from the fact that it is a real issue when it comes to society conditions, relationships, professional life, paychecks, etc. It has made life hard for a lot of women in history and even in this 21st century, it continues to be a challenge. If you are reading this after 100 years for whatever reasons, let me know if there has been any improvement, and also if space tourism did take off.

But I want to take a look at inequality in a different way, perhaps in more physical context here, that I am afraid is sort of in-built. I am looking at you God, and I do consider myself mad at you for creating us this way.

The worst difference in my eyes, is PMS-ing. I have spoken and written a lot about it. Why would God do this to us women-folk! Why?! If you are an atheist, please question evolution as to why do women have to writhe about in pain. The twisted me would love to see men doubling up in pain every month just when their partner’s time comes. Just trying for equality!

How many of you ladies have to carry a sweater/jacket/wrap to work even when it is literally a 100 degrees? How is it that men need the temperature so low that it is practically Siberia at work when it is Gobi Dessert outside? I wonder how the cooling system of men vs women is, that it turns men into sweaty pigs while women are shivering. I am sitting in office on this lovely Friday afternoon waiting to leave after a very busy week and very pissed off. I have a wrap around me and my right leg is hurting like it hurts in winters, when I can see glorious sun outside the window. I am thoroughly pissed off at the AC system and all the men in the office who are being whiny about it being too hot. Grrrrr.

Do you know the situation when you are enjoying a very satisfying pizza with beer and suddenly you are full, but not mentally full? You want to keep going because it is truly delicious but your stomach refuse anymore. Or it is a generous helping of some of the softest, tangiest Paneer Tikka Masala you have had, but your stomach is this close to bursting open. Or it is Abhi-Nish’s famous Kachchi Dabeli(Indian burger, sort of) and you just don’t want to stop but you don’t want the food flow to be reversed. And then you look at the men wolfing down all of it at a speed twice yours and at quantity thrice yours. This situation hurts me and makes me very jealous of their capacity to eat more. I wish greed could win over my stomach’s capacity, but I have had a lot of moments where gluttony has failed me. You’d think I would learn. Heh.

I have recently learnt a very cool tidbit about a biological difference between men and women. You know that lovely layer of fat deposit under our skin, that is a little too thick for our liking than that of Katrina Kaif or Blake Lively? Well, the structure of those fat cells is different in men and women. The collagen fibers form a vertical structure system in females and a criss-cross style system in males. It results in collagen giving us the bumpy effect on legs and tummy and elsewhere. It also gives men a very powerful advantage. That of opening jars more easily than women. It has something to do with less sliding of skin and better grip. Every time I have to open a jar, my first step of attack is to cry loudly for 5 minutes, then google videos and then finally smash the jar. I kid. Maybe not.

I am thankful for the squats at the gym, because when it comes to a public restroom after long hours of holding my pee in, that is the way to go. The classic ‘squat and hover’. I am very envious of men’s ability to go anywhere and everywhere without the hanging sword of infection or the danger of a bug-bite amidst wilderness. They don’t need privacy, or the need to cover up. bordering on shamelessness in my motherland where I have whistled many a times in a passing vehicle trying to embarrass them into sense. But apart from that kind of sh*tty behavior, it definitely is a boon. I specially feel the pinch at portable loos at camping grounds or race events.

Striving for equality? We shall see when that happens. But I look forward to the day when God re-considers what he created. It would be so nice to see my man PMS-ing, and I eat 3 whole Tiramisus on my own, pouring chocolate sauce on it directly from the jar that I opened. And then I can go pee on a tree like a dog.


Instagram nightmares

There are three horrors that a lady can face on social media.

1. Being stalked by an ex.

2. Getting hacked.

3. ‘Liking’ someone’s picture while on a stalking mode.

The third and possibly the worst horror is what I underwent last night and I am still recovering from it.

I had spoken to a guy for around a week in June-July before meeting him over the 4th of July long weekend. He was very cute and kind of fun, outdoorsy and smart and those were the reasons where we had sustained our daily chats and had decided to meet while he was enroute San Diego for his vacation. But the meeting hadn’t turned out to be too great, courtesy his weird hypothetical questions, for instance if Job > life partner and such other fun stuff. We never really spoke afterwards besides him thanking me for a restaurant suggestion in San Diego. But the meeting was alright and the location was pretty and I got a drink out of it. Meh.

Now, did I mention that the guy was kinda cute? So what does PB do? Look him up on social media. I had seen his Instagram account just before meeting up, and it was a public profile. I had sort of gotten an idea about his general personality from it and how many common friends we have(fair few) and if he is out of my league or not. In hindsight, he looked like he was!

I don’t know what got into me last night, but I decided to check his Insta account again yesterday. As I was sifting through his pictures, I came across a funny selfie video of him. It was one of his latest posts but was posted sometime back. I was trying to be very careful and tip-toed around his profile as to not leave any mark. I went to the video again and as I was watching it, I decided that I wanted the sound to come on too. Why? I don’t know. So I tapped on it. The music turned on. But, horror of horrors, there flashed a little red heart right in the middle of the video! While tip-toeing around, I had dropped 3 sets of pots and pans and 6 china plates! The room was hotter than 100 degrees and I started sweating furiously.

I instantly went into damage control, blocking him, hoping that he wont know. But for good measure, I repeated the same with my blog Insta account and I realized that my ‘like’ is permanently embedded there and I cant undo it. Ugggghhhhh. And I also couldn’t find the unblock list to go back and attempt to undo it further. I was stuck so bad. Even if I would have done all that and ‘unlike’ed it, he could have maybe seen the notification. Who knows? So I gulped the last bit of my pride down and ‘followed’ him. If he ever asks, I can say that we have few common friends and that the video showed up in my ‘videos you may like’ and it was funny. Very lame, I know.

Being that loser is better than being a stalker loser.

A pro tip: If you are stalking someone on Instagram and you accidentally double-tap, then smash your phone, set it on fire, and move to Malta.

PS : Sign of Best Friendship is when you drop the ball, and your BFF picks it up only to drop it promptly right after! We will sink together. 😀


Random stuff again…

1. I prefer to slouch rather than sit straight. It feels better on my stomach for some reason. It does hurt my neck though which has been chronic since high school. So I slouch and type on my work computer with T-Rex arms. Speaking of my stomach, I have been having trouble doing Sit-Ups properly. The gut’s too big.😦 I am running out of hard motivation to keep up with working out. Even ‘PB, you aren’t hot anymore!’ isn’t working. Noxious SA, please help! 

2. I have started to dislike Green Tea. I did not love it before, but I could drink it. Now I don’t want anything to do with it. I think I need different flavors or a brand. Also, I don’t like the simple Indian tea without Tea Masala(spice) or Ginger. But I don’t like cardamom.

3. I have happily planted a lot of veggies and herbs in my patio, completely forgetting that there will be bees. I am TERRIFIED of bees. When a bee/fly/whatever would fly into my classroom at school or college, I was the first one to scream like a banshee, shut my ears and duck under the bench. For some reason, shutting my ears is a natural instinct. I have to hand pollinate my cucumber flowers(the male and female flowers are separate), just to make sure that the bees aren’t just freaking me out but doing their jobs, and the giggles are unstoppable. *Insert dirty jokes*

4. It has been pointed out to me that babies like me a lot. Considering that I think of myself as hopeless with kids, it’s sort of an achievement when babies cry with everyone until they come to me(except their mama). I don’t do very much except talk to them and tell them about my day, and rock them continuously. Haha! The rocking is helpful with upper arms too!

5. When you climb at the back of a Target shopping cart and push with one leg, going wheee, it can topple over if empty. I learnt this recently.


    Of hanging out, dollars and couples…

    My friend and I had a talk on whatsapp sometime back. He is the same guy who I visited in Baltimore and who’s getting married in January 2017. He was expressing his views about trying to move out of India for settling abroad with his wife. The topic moved to how I am looking forward for a friend to get a project in US/Europe, to have another vacay together and how fun that would be. He said he was jealous and how he would love to take more trips. He started talking about it boiling down to our paychecks and that being the reason we can do all that. The discussion even turned to him calling our other guy friend SK hopeless because he has become very non-committal about making plans with ‘I will let you know’ as the most often spoken sentence by him. Ironically, his wife keeps asking why don’t they all meet up more often. I took my certain stand on the topic which resulted in him again focusing on our paychecks and the seemingly comfortable lifestyle we have in US with our high frequency of taking holidays and trips.

    When he told me about SK, his wife and that he has to depend on them to plan a trip for him and his wife eventually which seems near impossible, I was not entirely convinced. My stand was that you should be asking people once or twice and if they don’t commit, you should go ahead with your plans. Unless their reason to want to wait seems solid, I don’t see why anyone should wait around. His point was about SK changing after being with someone. It did not particularly resonate with me (and I am thankful for that!) because my best friends, with who I just took another roadtrip to the Bay Area, have never let their married life making me feel cut off. Same goes with Mad and DD and exactly the same with other non-Indian couples that I hang out with. In my previous relationship, we always looked forward to times with friends and had no qualms about that. I have been the 3rd or the 5th wheel plenty of times without feeling awkward that I am imposing myself on them and hopefully they felt the same when I was with the xBF. I understand they need their privacy and their personal time together. But they are also setting such great examples for me to follow in the future when I will be committed. One need not say goodbye to a social life and friends and become hermit crabs after getting hitched. Practically, atleast until children come into the picture because that’s a whole another topic of discussion.
    I asked him to ask SK and the rest once or twice if they want to hang out or take a holiday together. Any more than that is a game of chasing and we don’t entertain that. All of our trips have involved quick agreements on where to go and who all want to come. If out of 6 people, only 3 are ready, he should go ahead and plan it with the 3. There is no reason to can the plan. If you keep waiting for all 6 people to come to a conclusion, the plan is going to take 20 years to take shape. Moo very well knows what I am talking about here.😉
    My other point of disagreement was him blaming income and other expenditures. I agree that holidays and trips are expensive, specially with the flight and hotel costs, but there are so many ways to budget travels and it can be even a quick day trip, if you REALLY want it. He was trying to say that the reason me and Abhi-Nish and the rest manage to hang out is because we have the spending capacity. I will not be in denial that we do have a slightly better spending capacity than a lot of my peers with the same level of experience in India, but he should know that if we earn in dollars, we spend in dollars as well and even we have plenty of responsibilities back home too. We hang out because we want to, and we don’t depend on how much we can spend. It could be as simple as driving down for a lunch or doing an activity that was a good deal on Groupon. All my friends who are married or in relationships, also have other set of friends who are couples or are single. Sometimes they do their own things, and sometimes we all hang out in groups, or sometimes it’s just me and the two of them. We all do actually want a social life and that’s the whole reason we have managed to stick together yet. That feeling is not governed by how much we make. In fact, we are free enough with each other to express if we are feeling the pinch of cash at any point. 

    There cannot be an end to this argument. Maybe it just depends on how some people prioritize their lives. I have very few friends and it would be a sad situation if I lose even those. And my love for traveling isn’t hidden at all. As far as I am concerned, I don’t think I will be very happy if the only face I see is my other half’s. Let’s see if I turn out to be a hypocrite or not!


    PS: This comes across as a super whiny, better-than-thou post. I am not trying to say that I am better than others in the way I am living my life. I feel I haven’t been able to put across the main point that if you want to be with friends and/or travel, you will do it come what may. Gaaah! I give up. It’s not my day. 


    Travelogue : Weekend-ing at Baltimore-Washinton DC

    I had a tryst with a different part of America over the last weekend.

    I was over to visit my bestie AH over at Baltimore who is in US for 3 weeks on some training session through his work. It was a trip that I had to take because I am going to miss his wedding in January which is such a bummer. All in all, it turned out great because I even got to meet my very special friends! Murat, his wife and his brand new baby girl Damla! He isn’t big on Facebook but he was scrolling through the feed to read about what was going on in Ankara. He came across my picture and he noticed it was tagged in Maryland. He asked Becca if he was seeing it right. He texted me right away and we made plans within the next 15 min and AH and I drove off to Murat’s about an hour outside Baltimore. I was under the impression that he was far away! Haha! They are my buddies who got married in Turkey in September! Boy, Murat did a great job timingwise.😛 We were teasing him about his, ahem, strong swimmers. Baby Damla is beyond cute. She is a sweetheart and she wouldn’t stop staring at me with her big gray eyes and smiling with her tongue poking out! It was a great drive with lush greens on both sides of the road and it was a great evening with friends.

    In Baltimore, the location of AH’s hotel was at the harbor and it was so picture perfect with graffiti, cobbled streets, street-side cafes. I have heard a lot about the issues plaguing Baltimore currently and how it can be a rough neighborhood, and from what people told me, the downtown is a much nicer area. I did not go to the highly recommended Aquarium because I have been to Sea World 3 times and I am perhaps done with fishes for a loooooong time.


    We took a day trip to Washington DC and saw most of the iconic buildings and monuments. We spent a lot of time at the Smithsonian and I cannot recommend enough the Air and Space museum and Natural History museum. Please do not miss the Smithsonian! Here are some pictures.

    Travel tip:

    1. Perhaps the most important tip would be to factor in atleast $15 parking charges a day into your budget. We did a lot of car moving here and there and saved some dough. It’s a horrible situation with very expensive parking rates in both Baltimore and Washington DC. In hindsight, do check ZipCar availabilities around your place of stay.
    2. Wear your best walking shoes possible.


    This trip was a particularly special one. We had always wanted to take some sort of vacation together since college days. But with me here and the boys and girls in India, it was obviously very hard. The boys do go on way more trips than my girl friends though and I feel jealous that I miss all those. Moo and I managed to travel together to Turkey, meet up in US and all that, and that ways, we are quite satisfied. With AH, we had never thought that we’ll meet up in America like this! I would have loved to have him come home and see California but financially it wasn’t possible for him and so I flew out to meet him. It was worthwhile also because of meeting Murat and ticking off DC from my list.

    I cant help it, but this trip was also bittersweet. He was visibly upset when I left and he said this. ‘PB things are going to change now’. His words could not have been truer, however much in denial I am. Things are changing and they will continue to change. I am trying to hold on to those days but they are like sand between my fingers. The more I forcefully hold on, the more they escape.

    Maybe I just need to let go. Everything.


    N-N-1 Picture Challenge

    After the last picture challenge that we had, Mr. Norm Houseman contacted me with this amazing thought that I could be trusted with the responsibility to host the next challenge. Oh, bless him! I took up the task promptly, super-excited, because it was the first time I was doing something like this on my blog. I emailed a lot of people from Norm’s and my contacts and I got a good number of people to respond! Trust me, I was beaming with pride when I was compiling all the pictures in the blog post! Everyone has done a great task and got my ‘Evening Vision’ to life in different time zones. As the host, I had the liberty to chose the time and date and I decided that it should be 7 pm on 2nd July. I don’t know why, but I feel the world looks the best in the evenings when it’s a little dark, but also a little shiny.🙂 Also, it being a long weekend, I knew I would be out.😉 Sneaky, I know. Perks of being a lead.

    So, here are the shots of the evening we all had, that fabulous Saturday.

    Princess Butter

    The 4th of July long weekend brought along a lot of interesting moments.

    From a chance Anuroop date, to depressing hypothetical questions.
    From chatty sleepovers with friends, to a fun 9 year old showing me her favorite videos.
    From long drives thanks to traffic, to quick stopovers for bagels.
    From Kayaking in still bay waters , to being tumbled like in a washing machine by high tides of the Pacific.
    From sacrificing our sun glasses to the sea Gods, to dumping truckloads of sand in the bathtub.
    From late night pizzas, to even later in the night mangoes.
    From having a bachelorette life over weekdays, to having a full happy home over the weekend.
    From cool Cucumber coolers, to mad Bollywood dancing to Whiskey shots.
    From piping hot Maggi noodles with spicy ketchup, to a super refreshing Trader Joes’ Sangria.
    From leaving upset from a previously loved Indian restaurant, to finding an even better place for Indian food.
    From loving ‘Muricaaa to missing Indiaaaa.
    From glowy sunsets at this gorgeous Lighthouse Café at Newport Beach, to stunning fireworks right by my apartments.
    Life is good, my friends. *Touchwood*



    What makes for a perfect evening?

    Rains. Not the feeble drizzle that’s been going on for the last few days, but a wholehearted downpour. Just the way i like it. And about time too. Weeeeeee.

    Hot momos and schezwan chutney.

    And a dear friend of 21 years. Aalu and i have spent many evenings fighting over who was taller and whose hibiscus and mud chutney looked more appetizing. Today, we strategize ways to stay ahead of workplace politics and argue about who has hotter boobs, Ros or Melisandre. Obviously it’s Ros, but she just doesn’t agree! Hmph.

    (She won the who-is-taller contest. I’ve lost that game to all my friends, except Nish and Shengs. Its very rare for me to be the tallest in any group. So meeting those 2 will always make me grin ear to ear. See, see, im taller than you. Na n na naa na).



    I wish I had come up with a better picture,but this is all that I am doing these days. My GRE exam is less than a month away and all my waking moments are either spent in planning the topics that I have to practice or actually doing them. The majority of my day goes in attending college and by the time I am home,I get at the most 5 hours to study. And it is not enough. So,the weekends are spent with my books sprawled all over the place. I prefer to sit on the floor or my bed to study rather than the desk only because I can spread all my books and stationery and sit comfortably.
    I have only 3 weekends to go until the D-day and the stress is killing me. So,this challenge was a great way for me to think about something other than the GRE !! Hopefully,the next N-N-1 Picture Challenge will have a more interesting picture from me😀


    Anju Lavina

    We’re not the ‘go out and party on Saturday’ night sort of people, but living in an exciting city like Bangkok means we’re either at some new pop up night market or away at some beach in Thailand. As luck would have it, at the time of this N-N-1, we were confined to the house because my partner had a bad case of the ‘cooties’ (he’s a teacher and has to deal with bugs every now and then). I’m not complaining. Our flat is beautiful and has a great view out into town. It also has these huge glass windows and when either of us want to slow time down, we turn off the lights, open up the curtains and just watch the world go by. This Saturday, our ‘wrap yourself in a blanket cloud’ moment was delightfully interrupted by torrential rain. There’s nothing more comforting than watching rain pass. It makes a boring concrete skyline (and passing sky-train in the background) look that much more magical.

    Anju Lavina.jpg

    Norm Houseman

    There is a saying here in the U.S.A. that there is nothing more American than baseball, hot dogs, and Mom’s apple pie. You used to here that a lot around the Fourth of July. If you don’t know the history of the U.S.A., July 4th is our Independence Day; the day we commemorate our Declaration of Independence from the cruel, despotic rule of England’s King George III. I’m pretty sure that history books in Great Britain describe it somewhat differently. Since the 4th falls on a Monday this year, we have turned the holiday into a long weekend celebration. I went in search of a baseball game for my picture, figuring that I would find either a baseball or softball game being played at a local park. No such luck! The fields were deserted. No one was selling hot dogs at the empty concession stands. Homemade apple pie? Are you kidding? Cindy did make me a sugar-free butterscotch cream pie. YUM!

    Luckily I had gone to the park early, and when I found it deserted I left and drove around town. When 7 p.m. rolled around I was rolling down a quiet side street in Lafayette. This house caught my attention. While there is not a baseball or hot dog or an apple pie (not even a mom) to be seen. There is an American flag on the porch and, for me, a lazy summer vibe about the place. It works for me.


    Pin n Ashes

    These came my way today. To say I’m thrilled will be an understatement. I’m over the clouds, sitting at the tip of the crescent moon, with an open jar nearly finishing my rainbow cake and brownies.. Somebody just sent me some of my favourite things from my favourite place.

    Floored! Absolutely!

    Pins n Ashes.jpg

    Jatin Haibat

    Welcome to Central Pennsylvania! It is warm and sunny here right now, but don’t let that fool you. In winters, all this will be covered in up to 6 inches of snow, and the temperature would drop down to less than -10°C. Until next summer…

    State College, PA is a college town. Almost 50% of its residents are students at the Pennsylvania State University, and so am I. Of the remaining population, a large majority of the people are involved in supporting roles for the university. So the demographics tilt heavily in favor of the university. So much, that during college-breaks, even the public transport buses operate on a reduced schedule.

    Right now, the summer vacations are on and most of the students have gone back home. The town has taken a very quaint and peaceful appearance. But before long, the students will be back, the paths will be crowded with people walking between classes, and there would be long lines outside the bars and pubs. The place will be buzzing with activity again, until Thanksgiving; when suddenly for a week, the town will be on mute-mode again.

    This picture was taken at the university arboretum. In the background, you can see the edge of the campus, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. The sprawling campus is spread over 5,448 acres, and it is a very pretty sight indeed.

    Jatin Haibat.JPG


    Do lives matter?

    It has been a while since I have broken down while watching a TV show. Sure, Ned Stark’s death and the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones did that for me, but the way I have been feeling since yesterday, I have not yet felt like that in some time. All the news coverage, Facebook posts could not do what the pre-finale of Season 4 of Orange is the New Black did for me.

    With GOT, I could convince myself that it’s just a story, and fantasy, and the kingdoms were used to such barbaric acts and dishonor. But with OITNB, I can’t even tell myself that it’s all fantasy. Are you going to tell me that everything is hunky dory in prison? That some prison guards aren’t there to suck on the blood of helpless inmates? I have absolute respect for police and veterans and I salute them for the job they are doing. But what is to tell that some cruel nerve in a person’s head hasn’t turned on to commit vicious acts of making a young woman gulp down a baby rat? Or turning an already racial charged environment into a fight ring for his own sick pleasure? Watching Crazy Eyes lose all her control, and her backstory of how she got into prison, made me lose it. I could not stop crying while she punched on, getting egged on by the sick Guard. If this is the prison situation in USA, I dare not think of the developing countries. It is no secret that Human Rights is a joke.

    From all the spoilers and story lines that I had read, I knew what was coming next. But nothing had prepared me for how the situation will unfold. A psycho authoritarian, a potentially PTSD-diagnosed bunch of veterans working as guards with one openly admitting to killing and raping ‘people’ in Afghanistan, a young man who became a guard just as a job and has a life altering accident, a sleep deprived Russian mother-figure, and the extremely divided inmate group who come together for a peaceful protest after bearing all the atrocities. Sweet, Poussey Washington, with her hooch making skills, lopsided grin, dreaming of a future with SoSo, thrown in the jail with hardcore murderers and drug lords for the pettiest reason possible(was her race a reason?). The flashback they show of her in NYC made it even more heart-wrenching because she was just a sweet girl, enjoying her teens. I wept helplessly even after the show was done.

    Poussey on Love. 🙂

    Is that just TV? Are there no innocent colored men or women being killed? No one getting harmed by the suffocating chokeholds? No traffic stoplight cop encounters? There is no end to the debate about gun violence, although I don’t see how free availability of assault rifles is so important, even for self defense. Who are they defending themselves against? An army? But issues like LGBT rights, ending racism, shouldn’t even be talking points. And then there are the cops shot in the line of duty. Good people, decent guys. But that doesn’t take away the fact that something is definitely lacking and some people are being treated worse than others. What Jon Stewart says here, resonates. 

    I don’t know what to say further. Nothing will be enough. It’s a sick world we live in.


    Keep your MOJO flyin’ 

    There are enough people in the world who want to kick you in the b*tt. They exist to bring you down, call you names and show you what a loser you are, which you so are not.

    And then there are some ‘friends’ who will tell you how average you are and how being average sucks. They will cover it up with a very nice sounding ‘Be the Best or the Worst, no place for Average’. You will tell them excitedly about these simple things, and they will bring you down. No matter what you are, you will just be a ditzy little child.

    You know what? Don’t let anyone steal your MOJO. You need to tell them this :
    “I am f*ing average, and smart, and yes, I enjoy silliness. You of course can see only BS because your head is so up your own……….”

    PS: I cant quite say that because of the inherent need to be liked by everyone. Siiiiggghhhhhhh. But the least I can do is shut my ears to their trap.