First World Terrors

She had her perfect Minnie ears and smeared kohl for a scary Minnie Mouse in the house. Her costume had been appreciated at work and the Halloween party had been a success. She stepped out of work to a dark and gloomy sky and walked to the parking lot. It was only 4.45 pm but the overcast skies made it look darker. The area was empty and a little chill crept up her neck as she tugged on her sweater. She got into the car, and got a startle! The radio was accidently set to the max volume. Strange. She never hears music that loud, she thought. She shrugged and drove out. 

She was stressed. And for some reason, she felt frazzled. She was nervous about something, but she couldn’t put her finger on why that was so. She decided that the best way to calm herself down was to haul herself to the gym. She took a turn and drove herself to a work out. After finishing her work out, she stepped out of the gym and shuddered. Was it her imagination, or was it way too chilly and dark? Dementors crept up in her (Potter)head, and she shook herself to push away those thoughts. She did not need anymore negativity than what she already had.

She drove herself to her home. She was listening to the radio to keep her mind in a better place. But it was Halloween and between every two songs, there was a phone call with people reporting in their paranormal experience. She kept shutting off everytime the call was put through. Living alone, such stories were the last thing she wanted to hear.

She got home, finally. She looked at her beautifully carved pumpkin at her doorstep. She got her tealight candle out to light up the Pumpkin for the night. It was glowing beautifully. The darkness in the hallway though was giving her the creeps. Was it her imagination, or was everything just wrong with the night? She whipped out her phone and started to take a picture of the glowing Jack-O-Lantern.

She was not prepared for what happened next!

Her phone said:


25 thoughts on “First World Terrors

  1. Oh no.. back up everything and then delete ..or copy it to the cloud…

    I had this no space moment when I was in middle of a Indian cricket match and I had the opportunity to be with the Indian team.. oh yes no space.. my fone said.. I have no photos ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  2. Halloween looks fabulous, I just went to your Instagram to get a sneak peak. You look adorable. So, did you get to take the picture at all?
    That happens with me quite often, especially the numerous pictures or videos forwarded on what’sapp are more than my phone camera pictures takes up my space. so I try to delete and take far and few pictures in between.


  3. You my friend need to install google photos app on your phone. Links to your gmail, unlimited photo storage and you can sync every time you open the app. You can also delete photos that have been backed up from the app. I am obsessive about keeping my phone as empty as possible and this is one of the things I do! What if your phones dies?!! The horror!


    • Well, iPhone backs up in iTunes everytime I connect so I will have back up always. I will look into it though. Have been also trying to figure out how to use iCloud without it using data. Do you have an android or iPhone?


      • I have an android but husband has an iphone. I helped him set up G photos too.

        I found G photos better than icloud because there is a limit of space on icloud. G photos syncs only when you open the app. For me, I set up back ups only using wifi but because it does not back up unless I have opened the app and I do not let is autostart in the background, so it works for me.


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