Some more randomness

1. In a drying rack, post washing dishes, I insist on keeping all the spoons, forks, butter knives with the handle down and eating part up. In my head, the bottom of the drying rack is teeming with cooties and muck and the eating side must never touch it. There have been countless arguments with the father and mother about this when they were visiting me. Of course, the question remains, why would I not throw away such a mucky rack?! The short answer is, it’s all in my head, people.

2. I keep count of how someone treats the gifts I give them because for me, that is directly proportional to the feelings involved. I keep all gifts, even buttons of old dresses, like precious items. Ani knows this very well, and yet she made the mistake of not keeping the flowers and card that we sent her on her wedding day. Preserving the flowers should have been her top priority on that day, obviously. It bothers me, way more than I admit, if I see my gift going unused, or worse, left behind. I am totally judging the gift-receiver at that moment. And it bothers me even more, if I give something and that is given away. I had given a bunch of makeup bags and makeup from Sephora to my mom, and all it took to blow my lid off, was to mention the idea of giving something out of that set to some family friend.

3. I am feeling very abandoned by some close friends and I hate how much it has affected me in the last one year. Anyhoo, this topic shall not be touched here.

4. My aversion to phone-calls still continues. I still find myself wishing, while the other side is ringing, that they miss the call! Oh Ani, I am sure you remember this!(2nd mention in the post, waah!) I get clammy, I feel tongue-tied, and I get just so awkward every time! Is there a phone-call-phobia, or any word for it? Even while I was attempting to date, I would get jittery when the guy would ask to talk on the phone. I have almost asked to continue dating on Whatsapp to keep things easier. Phone-calls are bad, and talking to people who I don’t really know well, makes it even worse. Also, thank god for online food orders now!

5. I have started enjoying collecting fun mugs. I don’t quite drink tea or coffee, but weekend mornings feel extra special these days as I get to have tea or filter coffee in a cute, hand-picked mug. It just feels nice to sit cozily with a nice mug. You know what I mean? Weekend rituals, perhaps.

Alrighty, that’s all for today folks! We shall continue with this random silliness when my brain freezes the next time.


10 thoughts on “Some more randomness

  1. Just when one gets off my head (I slept with Moony, don’t forget) you come up with another one to make me feel guilty about!! I hate you but I am really really sorry!!! I know its my fault and wish I could do something about it. And about the phone calls how can I forget!!! The PL conversations!! Oh how I miss landlines though. No suspense in wanting to know who the person on the other side is.. And never randomly having small talks if the call is not intended for you!


  2. Not that you’ll care, but I have decide to briefly comment on your randomness.
    1. My wife does the same thing with silverware. When I put it away, and it usually is my chore, I try to put a thumb print in the bowl of at least one teaspoon each time. I’m evil.
    2. I learned long ago that once I give a gift I have to let go or I will be disappointed in life more than I care to be.
    3. I won’t touch this one.
    4. I understand completely…unless I’m talking to a loved one.
    5. If we don’t have favorite mugs we are just shells of human beings. That’s my theory. Don’t ask for an explanation because I would have to make one up.


    • You are satan in human form for doing that! Should drop a message to your wife to check all the spoons again. Hahaha
      Also, completely agree about having favorite mugs. There has to be something that saves this civilization from falling apart. Mugs.

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  3. I see you as someone valuing relationship, finicky for details but also being your own self. I am not a huge fan of phone calls and insist on keeping them minimum, prefer chat anyday. Calls can be consuming and drain energy!


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