Keep your MOJO flyin’ 

There are enough people in the world who want to kick you in the b*tt. They exist to bring you down, call you names and show you what a loser you are, which you so are not.

And then there are some ‘friends’ who will tell you how average you are and how being average sucks. They will cover it up with a very nice sounding ‘Be the Best or the Worst, no place for Average’. You will tell them excitedly about these simple things, and they will bring you down. No matter what you are, you will just be a ditzy little child.

You know what? Don’t let anyone steal your MOJO. You need to tell them this :
“I am f*ing average, and smart, and yes, I enjoy silliness. You of course can see only BS because your head is so up your own……….”

PS: I cant quite say that because of the inherent need to be liked by everyone. Siiiiggghhhhhhh. But the least I can do is shut my ears to their trap.

10 thoughts on “Keep your MOJO flyin’ 

  1. You sure can..

    This is life.. and that’s how it is .. people are like that.. you do what you like and feel.. The problem is people like me care about what others will say .. All the time..

    But change is a must .. and yes keep your MOJO flyin alwayssssssssss


  2. Dealing with one ‘those’ friends right here, right now. I have some expletives lined up for her, but I’m restraining myself! Your post made me smile 🙂


    • Ugh. I have stopped responding to the said ‘super self-involved, always thinking he is right’ person’s texts. What’s the point of being friends if you don’t feel good when you talk to them?!


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