How to conquer your (tiny)fears…

Do you ever feel totally freaked out by completely normal things that have no reason to be afraid of? Yes? YES? I feel you guys! I go through some situations day in, and day out where I come across seemingly normal things, panic, cry and then calm down and tackle that. Nope, I am not talking about love, relationships, life. Those are unconquerable monsters and we shall leave them there. These are some of the things I have developed a level of comfort with. I have developed small ways to tackle my fears and let me nudge you in the right direction..

Phones : Do you ever feel that your heart jumps when your phone rings? Are you the kind of a person who will actually let it ring rather than answer, and then call back? Does your heart flutter when you are making a call? (Do I sound like one of the those TV Skymall people?) Ani very well knows how scary phone calls are for me and how nervous calling anyone would make me. It is simple to deal with it. Don’t answer. If it’s an unknown number and important, it will go to voicemail. If it’s known, it’s your judgement if you want to take 3-5 business days to call back or text (so much easier!) Meanwhile, turn off the blue ticks on your Whatsapp.

Alcohol: It still remains one of the most unpredictable things I deal with. One is a teaspoon, two can be the Pacific Ocean. Yes, that has happened. If you do want to drink, take it easy. There is no need to glug anything down. A happy high is always better than being sloppy drunk, for you as well as your company. I am also beyond that age where any drinking had to be hardcore. Find out what you like, if you really do want to be a social drinker, and stick to that while exploring in moderation. And keep your phone away, trust me.

Packing for trips: I was a roll and throw kinda gal till I had two amazing packers(not Green Bay, sad joke) around me. But when I could no longer use the services of both of them(my dad and the xBF), I had to take things into my own hands, quite literally. Packing overwhelms me to the point of tears. So I make lists, gather everything on my bed, and start going at it one by one. I still am a massive over-packer (“Oooh, what if I do want to wear this top but I don’t have it!”) but atleast I am efficient now.

Makeup: I started out with concealer when my face had more red blotches than craters on the moon and I realized how intimidating it all is! But then I started reading blogs, and I was very fascinated by beauty gurus on youtube. I like the artistic side of it, and I don’t find it scary anymore. Unless we are talking about 800 layers like the Kardashians. Nope. So, if you want to dabble with makeup, just watch the videos, and practice on yourself. Nothing is better than being in PJs and watching Netflix with a perfect winged eyeliner, well, except being out and about with that winged eyeliner.

Selfies and pictures: Before I begin, I need to put this out, again. If you take my picture and do not show me a preview, you are dead to me. Anyhoo, if you feel uncomfortable at the thought of getting pictures taken, don’t even look at the camera. Just look at the person taking the pictures and smile as if they are nougat candy dripping in chocolate. Most importantly, remember to stay still because it’s a picture and not a video. I have way too many fidgety friends and I just want to ‘Petrificus Totalus’ them.

Babies: Babies are probably the most intimidating things around that scream ‘adulthood’. How ironic is that! I used to be freaked out by babies and was convinced that I don’t know how to actually handle them. But I realized it isn’t that bad. You can talk to them like they are normal people. They most likely can’t tell the difference anyways. If you are scared of holding them, it will be good for you to know that they are actually quite resilient. Like, don’t throw them around WWE style, but you can hold them quite normally too. They are squishy, but not too delicate. Nature has intended them to be squeezed out, swung around and to survive most bumps and bruises.

It’s okay to be scared and confused. You don’t even have to overcome those fears. Just learn to live through them. Now excuse me while I call my mom. That’s scary for a whole another reason, though.

16 thoughts on “How to conquer your (tiny)fears…

  1. Babies? Really? I mean what discomfort can they possibly bring 😛 I am a baby magnet myself. Of late, even in metro, it is almost as if babies gravitate towards me… But then, it is easier to play around with them for a while and not be responsible.

    As for the alcohol, you could have written this a little sooner. Would have been rather helpful this holi 😉


  2. Wow! what an amazingly sane list and really helpful tips to tackle those fears. Since you’ve tackled my worst fear (the ringing phone) first, I love you even more.
    I completely agree with learning the basic makeup tricks from YouTube. Pari and I also learn funky new hairstyles and new ways of draping the chunni for lehenga from there.
    And since you mentioned, am going to turn off those damn blue ticks on Whatsapp right away.


  3. Aha! I am quite friends with babies who see me as their friend for I am like one with them. My neighbor has such a lil monster. Normally, I hate selfies and got one clicked yesterday since I got myself a brand new Sony Xperia, mid-range handset before I go for the kill…next Apple I heard will be kickass and mother of all editions for the 10th anniversary. It’s been ages hasn’t drunk to heavenly bliss, though a beer or Vodka does the trick from time to time. I am a whisky guy, take it easy with three pegs at one time.


  4. That photograph tip! I do that too. 🙂
    I’m not very photogenic hence looking into the camera has never helped so I always look and smile at the person taking my pic.

    Also I hope everything is OK at Moo’s end. We haven’t heard from her at all. For what seems to be a year. Sorry for being nosy but she mentioned on aa post that she’s dealing with this whole arrange marriage shenanigans. I hope she’s doing great.


  5. Oh I love the list .. it is very amusing to see the list, tips and tricks you have shared. And i saw myself when you listed the part with phone & packing for vacation part. Hopefully, your tips help me next time 🙂


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