Kavanaugh & bros

This is easily the most heated topic around all of us these days. Like Ms. Ford said in her testimony, she is simply standing in front of a train that will reach it’s destination anyways, and she is going to lay her life down and receive no justice. The destination being a lawmaker for many decades who sets laws and policies for the entire next generation.

This man, who has been accused of assaulting a then-teenage girl, is going to write laws about women. Most noticeable is his view of the Roe-Wade law. The GOP, meanwhile, reacts in the same usual way, with total refusal and denial, and if the accusations are indeed valid, then by downplaying the charges. This is a massive middle-finger to the women of America. The saddest part being that many conservative women voters are defending Kavanaugh, by suggesting that obviously all high school boys grope and do their cutesy lil assaulty things. Anything to get men to control women’s bodies.

Then we have the leader of the most powerful country, mocking Ms. Ford’s testimony in another pseudo-campaign trail and insinuating things against her. Whatever your political leaning be, you have to find this character assassination beneath the POTUS’s standards. But who cares, right?

I cannot help but draw a parallel between Hillary Clinton’s testimonies and debates where she HAD to keep a stoic stance and compose her emotions for the entire duration, and yet deal with the ‘women are too emotional’ label slapped on her. So have other countless women, vying for top jobs and managerial positions. And we have this man here, who was sniffling and reddening as every minute of his testimony progressed, accuse the opposition of this ‘sham’. Last I heard, a judge is supposed to be bi-partisan, right? While Ms. Ford patiently answered every question, Judge(?!) Kavanaugh spoke over senators, yelled, shut up to avoid answering questions and basically behaved like a giant baby being denied his favorite toy.

We have somehow, as a society, reached this point. The moral compass of this country is skewing as the days go along. There is little doubt that whatever was going to happen, will continue to happen, and he will go where he intended to go. Women may come, accuse, be annihilated, but the GOP will stand strong with their, ahem, men.

We shall see.


4 thoughts on “Kavanaugh & bros

  1. (Political opinions on blogs sometimes cause friction between friends, but this was a timely and courageous post).
    Elected representatives everywhere begin to feel a sense of entitlement and superiority. The constituents, too, forget that they hold the reins and forget their ability to make demands of their representatives. Such authoritarianism makes a mockery of democracy.
    From Anita Hill to Ford, the establishment has always walked rough-shod over the people. But it does not mean the resistance should stop, however futile it may seem today. Persistence might not bring results immediately, but we still remember Rosa Parks even though that fight still continues.
    In the hearings, the contrast was stark – a dignified woman and a wretched, whiny little boy with a sense of entitlement.
    I can only say that this is something happening all over the world. But the fight shall continue. Thank you for writing about this bravely


    • Haha, second you on the friction thing!
      The establishment is made of rich, old guys who simply dont care. Old school masculinity, sense of privilege and wealth has gone to their heads. That was also evident during the hearings. It was a great case of she said, he cried.

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  2. So shameful when we see so many vile people around. Sadly women speaking the truth are paying a huge price with this whole misogyny. But, hope is here with social media. There is this AIB comedian who has been exposed for sexual harassment. Good that women are speaking about issues on SM. Interestingly, Trump is one nut case making fun of issues faced by women and he lost all moral rights to stay as Prez.


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