If I could be…

I am having an extremely productive day at work. I am running a simulation and have so much on my plate that I cant think straight. So I have let my mind wander. My brain is capable of shutting off when there is a huge list to be tackled and I cannot do anything about it. Either I need to take a restroom break or actually catch a few zzz’s if I need to get back in order. Anyways, I digress.

I went down a beautiful whirlpool of what other living creature could I be if not a human. Dog is an obvious option, but I must be a dog of Moony’s stature or better or I am screwed. I thought of a number of options. I have actually been told that I remind someone of ferrets. Wiggly-woogly, mischievous ferrets but not like the one Draco Malfoy turned into.

And then I started thinking about seagulls. Yep, the rodents of the ocean. Imagine an unlimited capacity to swoop and steal a kid’s icecream and no one can really do anything about it, unless they have a gun! The way seagulls just stand by the beach looking around with suspicion for an unsuspecting fool with food, reminds me of myself in the break room looking for free snacks. Also, the ability to just scream randomly, is awe-inspiring! I would love to run around and just go Keeeekkkkk at anyone while staring in a different direction altogether. They just chill in the sand, till they have to fly a bit and swoop and catch a fish. Or they could just poke into the sand to catch bugs and crabs. But with all the french fries littered around, I think a seagull’s life is quite set. I could be wrong, but they don’t even really have a definite predator. All they have to do is fly to a pole or something high. The eggs and chicks get eaten up, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Being a seagull, would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? I am hopeless.

17 thoughts on “If I could be…

  1. I love how chilled out seagulls are. My favorite memory of watching one – was when we were at the shores of the ocean in Crete, and there was this powerful, powerful wind, one that could blow you away. And there was this one gull, that kept flying in the opposite direction, and the wind would blow it away, literally, and he kept at it, over and over and over and it was amazing to watch. And no. it was definitely not one of the try till you succeed gyan moments, more like it was a natural rollercoaster it was on, having an obviously great time. Sigh,

    So yeah, seagulls are cool.


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  3. Woah! That some fun post and think you should keek…who gives a damn to the world. Our minds often do the wonder trick and something we have no control…I wished to master it hehe and and wish you lots of productive and efficient days 🙂


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