Glutton’s my middle name

I did a very strange thing on Saturday.
I made some egg curry for my dinner and thought of having it with some buttered brown bread instead of roti. So, I gathered my bread slices and the butter and started heating my pan. As I was about to dribble butter on the pan, I noticed a funny smell coming from the butter. I remember once I had melted it completely but stuck it back into the fridge, because we used to do that all the time with Amul butter and nothing happened to it ever. So I assumed this butter would be okay too. But the smell seemed really off. And then I noticed teeny tiny two spots on the top part of the tub. I stared at it for a bit hoping to figure out what they were. They could have been bread crumbs since I don’t really clean my knife between spreadings. Really, who does? So, I just scraped the dots off the tub and proceeded to spread butter on the hot pan. Even then, I felt like it smelt different, but I just couldn’t figure out if my butter had really gone bad or not. So, what does PB do? She continues to toast her bread like nothing is wrong! Haha! Seriously. I just somehow thought that we’ll see whatever happens. And I am just going to eat my dinner as planned. It tasted a li’l bit different, but by then I was so confused if it was all in my head or if it really was spoilt.

I finished my dinner, and waited for quite a bit for my tummy to hurt or something. Nothing happened. I woke up the next morning anticipating an upset stomach, but nothing! 😀 So now, I really don’t know if something was wrong with the butter or my head was playing tricks on me.

I do have this terrible habit of not caring for expiry dates. I just go with the assumption that best before date mans that the product will last for a few months after but just won’t taste as awesome as ‘best before’ date. 😛 Go figure.

This reminds me of an incident in college. Bff, the great, Ani, had gotten a jar of Haldiram’s rasgullas from home for all of us. We totally forgot about it during the week and I remembered about it on a Friday, a day before going home. I can still recall that I was sitting on a study table and Ani told me to open the jar and have some. I went ahead and I started eating them. Rasgullas are my absolute favorite, and I just cannot resist them. While I was on my 2nd one, I started to read the jar. And then, I noticed that the jar said that they had a best before date of about a month ago! I yelled out across the room to Ani that the rasgullas had expired. She was shocked and told me to throw it promptly. I stared at the jar for a bit, with my mouth full of the succulent sweetmeat, gulped it down, and proceeded to take another one! She saw me put another in my mouth, came running, snatched the jar from my hands and trashed it away. Oh my goodness, I felt so so so bad for the wasted rasgullas! My dear rasgullas. They were calling out to me, ‘we are not so bad, come eat us.’

Sigghhh. I can’t help being greedy. I think out of the seven sins, the one I am most guilt of is gluttony. Or lust. Or… No, it is gluttony, I think. I overeat everytime I eat out to the point of being unable to move. Buffet’s are my poison. I am like, ‘OMG! So much food’. I am known as the chocolate monster in the company. They say I have a chocolate radar. I can’t stop with one piece of cake or chocolate. I lurk around for a second helping. The xBF is also a major chocolates and cake eater. At his office, they did a monthly birthday celebration. He would wait and wait for the clock to strike 2, so they could gather for the cake cutting. He would stand closest to the cake cutter and would gladly take a big helping. Then he would eat there, talking to people with one eye on the remaining cake, and take another piece. Then he would go back after an hour to see if anything was remaining and he would take a third helping. Sometimes his co-workers would tell him that everyone is done and the cake is his. Haha. Whenever we have food at work like donuts, cakes or cookies, I do the same. *hangs head in shame*


26 thoughts on “Glutton’s my middle name

  1. hahhaha, i am exactly the same when it comes to filling myself up till the time I am unable to move! However, I have started to avoid expired products now, it is too damn difficult though 😀 (the only thing that saves my case is that I don’t have a big sweet tooth, all these points are valid mostly when I am eating spicy or salty food).


  2. Hear you on the overeating. I do too. I don’t know how to practice any sort of portion control. Not buying / baking yummy stuff works . Tonight I desperately hounded my kitchen for something sweet and finally found a few white choc chips and almonds . Obviously had 2 giant handfuls.


    • Haha! I get sweet cravings and i eat a cup of yogurt and sugar. Hehe. Mishti doi ka bigda hua roop. I have stopped buying cheese since 2 years. Effectively stopped excess intake since I eat it only when I am out and most often than not I avoid it.


  3. I am going to have to take this on gender lines. I don’t know if men are so weak in knees about food- at least not the ones I hung out with. Yes, we do like food but not like this 😉 This is crazy 🙂

    But of course, you have a butter in your name as well. So… I woukd say this is quite expected 😀


  4. he he he he .. NOW that is exactly what i would do .. why waste GOOD food 🙂 and now my stomach has become used to it all so hardly gets into trouble ..
    I love my food , the only way i can manage is NOT to buy too much.. because when it is there ready I just eat till it is finished ..

    oh yea overeating is my middle name for sure 🙂


  5. Are you Mint’s twin or what? He has no absolutely no regard for expiry dates. We’ve always argued over that. I feel queasy if I am asked to have yogurt that expired a day earlier. Mint thinks I am stupid. He is like, those dates are only estimations. Does it mean that the yogurt will get spoilt the moment the clock strikes 12 at night and the date changes?

    Morever, he can’t tell if something tastes / smells funny. He will never know if food if spoilt. He says I imagine it. I say he’s mad to not be able to tell the difference. Lol.


  6. Haha! I used to do exactly what your xBF did 😀 and I’m crazy about chocolate and I LOVE food. My friends thought I had a grinder instead of a stomach. I used to eat so much! Unfortunately, I need to be on a leash from now on. Oh well, let’s see how it goes. Maybe we could find a way to glutton together sometime 😀


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