My papa, the strong active man I always see, is in the recovery room of a hospital. He just got out of surgery.

He had a fall at home and ended up with a fractured hip that has been put together with a few screws. The doctor says his prognosis looks good and recovery should be quick and alright. He will be walking with a walker and then a cane for a couple of months before he can walk normally on his own.

It throws a lot of questions and emotions right on my face again and there will be no end to it.

Anyways, I hope he heals really soon and is back on his feet again.

39 thoughts on “Problems

  1. Oh that must be a testing time for you. Do talk to him as often as you can. Instead of talking about how bad the problem is, I believe if you talk about how good tomorrow is going to be – then, today gets better as well.

    Take good care of yourself as well.


  2. Like you said, he has a good doctor and ur mom n Moony are with him! He will be fine very soon! The human brain has a tendency to always assume the worst and that only complicates things inside our heads, even though outside the head things flow smoothly. (Remember the conversation we had last dec?)

    Relax and be positive, he will be chasing around moony soon 🙂


    • Moony has shown his selfishness. He is more worried about Snowy(a female) than Dad. He spent the day crying around Mausi and mom. He is on heat. I didn’t know old dogs could be on heat.


      • You went out of ur way to hook him up with some girl dog. You were annoyed coz he wasn’t interested in the girl dogs you introduced to him. Now when he has found his true love, you have issues with that and call him selfish.
        You have all the makings of the typical Indian parent.


  3. this is one thing i hate living so far away from family .. one cant do anything

    he will be fine and as the docs says will be walking and active again in a few months time .. my best wishes


  4. oh no sweety 😦 😦 Thats sad.. I know how you must be feeling staying so far away.. but just have faith that things would get better soon! Best wishes to your dad.. and a quick recovery!


  5. Wow. I have to applaud you for this one. You sound so composed and contained. Believe me, had it been me, I would have been hysterical. The post I would write would be full of anxiety and stress. And we all know that hysteria in such cases helps no one. You’re dealing with this wonderfully. My respect.

    And I am sure he’s going to be out of this soon. Best wishes to him.


    • Ooh, all the panicking happened when i learnt of this. As common in our household in such situations, there was inter-yelling about things ranging from why they did not call an ambulance right away to why do we have to have such long and unstable curtains.
      But then with me here, it is a moot point to develop anxiety and panic. I do remember your posts about your panic attacks.
      He just got home today and my mom manage to rent a crib-like hospital bed for home. She handled insurance, discharge, this and that so amazingly.


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