Defeating sportsman and female spirit together 101

Awww, India lost.

Honestly, I am upset, but I am not disappointed by our boys in blue. They did great! Remember the series down under where we got absolutely walloped by the Australian willow? We were walking around with red b*tts for months. Everyone, including me, thought that we would be very lucky to even get past the pool matches.

Well, guess what? We made it till the Semis! And un-freaking-defeated!! They did stunning. Our bowling was being critiqued left-right-center but the boys performed so well. The batsmen did absolutely great and Dhawan shone like a star. That guy has something in him. Remember Kohli? Who was said to be in a bad form and criticized for his batting skills? What a stunning knock against Pakistan. Honestly, the only game that mattered to me.


Dear Indian Cricket Team, you did great! . So what if we lost to the Aussies. We lost to a truly deserving team who played beautifully and who made me stay up till 4 am to watch the game.


Why do you think we did good till the semis? Because Anushka wasn’t present? Oooh, has to be because all the pativratha wives were praying super hard and were doing maha mrityunjay jaaps and no water fasts for their husbands. Right? That is the ONLY reason why the boys can perform. Hai na? Their talent takes a sideliner when the wives’ prayers are at work. Not girlfriends’. Because cheee, our culture doesn’t allow girlfriends. We can applaud and ogle at the non-Indian cricket player’s wives and girlfriends’ because that is allowed in their foreign culture. But when it comes to us? No way in hell! If Kohli does well, it is thanks to his talent with the bat. If he has a crunch day, it is because of the bad luck and the distraction that the actress girlfriend brings. We aren’t even going to look at the fact that Kohli has toned down his rowdiness so much since his relationship started. The girl has a truly calming effect on him. He was a star since his under-19 days and he will be a bigger star.

Anybody remembers the 1960s? The era when the beautiful Sharmila Tagore started seeing the so-very-handsome Pataudi? There was a point where Pataudi lost his form. Everyone forgot one tiny fact that his talent shone even when he was blind in one eye. There were jokes galore that Sharmila was distracting him and called him to go for dinner and he said to wait a minute, he will be right back. Aah, so funny. But that was 1960s. We have progressed so much since then. We are on our way to be a global superpower, economically stronger. We are so modern, ride fancy bikes, we travel by air everywhere, shop at Zara in Dubai and Singapore. Just read the jokes and tweets slandering Anushka. Have we really progressed now? Honestly, if one of the team members comes out of the closet, I shudder to think how our public will take them down. We have such a low opinion of anyone not being, apparently, ‘mard enough’.

Cricket is a very unpredictable game. You never know what will happen till that last ball is bowled. We have seen that time and again. Yet we chose to pin this loss to a woman who, by common public consensus, distracted our boy Virat. I am so proud of our cricket fans. Most of them are the young ones who cluck their tongues appropriately when there is a story about a molestation, who keep re-iterating the fact that they respect women when stories about eve-teasing break out, who themselves have girlfriends. They talk about a woman’s respect and how Anushka ruined Kohli in the same breath. Many girls I know are forwarding jokes about Anushka as well. The very same girls who also send forwards about how beautiful motherhood is, who post stories on FB about girls standing up against molesters, and who are trying to pave their paths.

People, don’t talk about woman empowerment, gender respect and equality only because it is fashionable to do so. Don’t go posting and harping about ‘men for women’ only because it is politically correct. Learn to appreciate the world without looking at the sexes. Don’t prove time and again that we are a bunch of narrow minded, ignorant, disrespectful twats.

 Team India, you have my absolute respect. Cricket fans of India, I am ashamed to be a part of a clique like yours.

Peace out.

21 thoughts on “Defeating sportsman and female spirit together 101

  1. Honestly, I am wondering who these people who blamed Anushka are. I practically live on twitter and barring a couple of stray instances which happen anyway, I found this to be a news creation further buttressed by seeking quotes from Ganguly and others, which in turn put ideas into other easily swayed idiots’ heads rather than a natural outbreak against her. If the reports say that this started on Twitter, I at least, did not see it because everybody was outraging against Times Now’s nonsense which ultimately trended for a long time. I saw a lot of Virat jokes and even Virat and Anushka memes, but none of them were remotely blaming her. In fact, they were saying that she should have batted after Virat got out, given the havoc she wreaked in NH10. And if you think of Sangeeta Bijlani and what she went through, then Twitter wasn’t even around at that time!

    Dhawan is a star alright. In fact, I found it unfair when Virat walked off with the man of the match award in the Pakistan match. Granted he had a bigger score, but the hard work that Dhawan puts in often goes unrewarded simply because he does not total up.

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    • You haven’t seen? People are literally giving her gaalis, calling her a whore and what not. There is a story where they burnt her effigy. Then all the super sexist jokes of how she is going to leave him now like she is a gold digger. I saw them all over FB and Twitter. Too many insults yaa. I couldn’t stand it and decided to rant about it instead of hitting people.

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      • My point is that it appeared to be a creation, rather than a natural outburst. The effigies and name calling happened far later in the evening. I first saw media reports that this was happening on a large scale and then saw it actually happening on that scale after some time, rather than the other way around. I saw a lot of jokes, but these were jokes on the couple that were doing the rounds ever since they have been dating and they were indulgent ribbing and not malicious. Of course, I may not have been entirely clued in to the going ons.


        • I kinda saw them becoming progressively slanderous on my Facebook. It really pissed me off. It was turning way too sexist like girls only distract, they are gold diggers etc etc. I blew my lid off on FB as well.


  2. Hey girl. Nicely written. But in all honesty, I see that this year, unlike 2007 and 2003, the cricket fans are much more sober and supportive! I see lots of posts giving respect to our team. Yes, they may be upset, but I see a lot of people standing up against Anushka bashers and calling them stupid! May be, in a next few years we will see a lot more rational fans?? 🙂

    P.S. I am also upset. Sad. But ok. Well.. 2019 😀


    • My dad told me how the media was showing bull news before the match about bhajan at Raina’s house and 21 maulvi at Shami’s. Total hype. And how now they are calling panel and panels to discuss who failed and why.
      Sigh. We will all hopefully learn that they are humans, who will always have ups and downs.
      I am proud of people who are standing up for her. Like logical Indians. I unfollowed a page indian army fans because their admin has gone bonkers.
      Yes! 2019. Ummeed pe toh duniya kayam hai. The new kids will get even more seasoned by then.


  3. You absolutely made the point princess. One bad day and people change their every opinion towards you.
    But definitely, kohli was under stress of big jokes being cracked on anushka and she was personally present at stadium. But we have no right to comment on personal life of players; they give their blood and sweat to country. They are soldiers and must be respected in every condition.


    • Err, on the contrary, I don’t think they are soldiers and don’t want to raise them on a pedestal. They are humans and players with good and bad days.
      But I agree we have no business in anyone’s personal style. Saying things like he must have spent all his energy on her previous night really cheapens things.


  4. Clearly, our bowling was one takeaway from the tournament. Opposition literally fears our bowling now. Australia has bowlers like Starc, Johnson & Hazlewood; NZ has bowlers like Boult, Southee & Vettori, but none of them could do what Shami, Mohit, Umesh & Ashwin did. 70 wickets straight away isn’t an ice cream job. And for those who’re blaming Anushka for our bad performance in the semis are the ones who just need an object to blame. No matter how good we play, they’ll find someone to blame in the losing cause. Hence, ruck rules & fuck fools. We don’t have to entertain them in any damn way.


  5. Ditto – The only match that mattered was India Vs Pak..
    I have a sort of similar post in my drafts.
    I am neither a cricket person nor her Fan but I am still amazed at all the Whatsapp and Twitter jokes gone viral.. Whatever happened to sportsmanship..


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